Is there a Daddy or Playmate for me?
January 16, 2008
Full time?
January 22, 2008

Being a teacher certainly has its benefits. Getting
to fill all those eager little heads full of
information all day is a big responsibility. All day
long the boys look up eagerly at me, and I know
that instead of focusing on studies they are playing
out fantasies in their head. This week there was this
one student in particular who got sassy with me when
I corrected him on a math problem. So to punish him I
made him stay during recess to clean the erasers I
said. What really happened is I spanked him until his
little bottom was glowing. This made him really excited
and the poor boy way squirming with delight trying to
hide the fact that he had a stiff one now, so I felt
obligated to help him relieve that tension. Otherwise
he would not be able to concentrate on his studies all
day, and when I teach something I want my students to
learn it! All in all it was a great week, and I hope
yours was too. I look forward to hearing from you, Bye baby!

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