My Advice….
April 10, 2008
Bath Time
April 27, 2008

Hi there precious ones! Did you miss mommy this week? I missed you too.
You would have really enjoyed yourself this week.  I had a most special
bonding time with one of my real life adult babies.

We arranged to meet at my place after he got out of work, because I
have a very nice nursery to use with my babies. As soon as he got here I
pulled down his pants to see if his diapers needed changing. He wears
his diapers all the time under his clothes, it gives him a feeling of
security. Sure enough, they were swollen and yellow. “Oh my! Looks like
baby made a tinkle. Come over to the changing room honey and mommy will
get you nice and clean.” I took his eager hand and led him into the
nursery next to my adult sized changing table where I finished undressing my
baby, and had him lay on the the table. I pushed his legs back and
wiped his bum with the baby wipes, gave him a dash of baby powder, and
put a nice clean diaper on him with pictures of blue teddy bears on
the front. Then we sat on the floor and played patty cake for a while,
and I let him color in the coloring book. Before he left I gave my baby
a bottle filled with my very own breast
milk. He appreciated this very much and gulped it down quick. I wiped
his face, and then i patted his back until he burped. Then I dressed
him again and he was back on his way home to his family. It really warms
my heart that I can take care of my babies in this way. I think having
a loving person like me to help them live out their adult baby desires
helps them to be better in the rest of their lives. That’s my biggest
reward in doing this. Do you have these desires you need to share too?
Why don’t you call Mommy Rebecca, I’ll give you lots of love and you will
definatley be well cared for.

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