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January 25, 2019
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Playing With Myself In My Diapers!
January 30, 2019

She had assigned Johnny to go to the store before he called her, and now she was putting him through a top-class humiliating  ABDL Stacey! “Tena … Depend … Assure ….. Tranquility…” She stopped him at that one.  “Do they have the ATN … All Through the Nights?” She asked. Johnny gulped, trying to swallow back the panic rising in his throat.  “Yes.” “Two packages of those then, Baby. That will take care of your little night time problem, and keep your sheets dry.” He took the diaper packages to the counter, just wanting to get them and get out now, sure that someone must have heard. But as he got in line, she suddenly said, LOUDLY it seemed, “ ABDL Stacey Johnny, you remembered the diaper rash cream, right? It’s possible even with diapers that good that you’ll end up with a diaper rash on your little bottom again, and we’ll need to have something to soothe that if it happens!”  His worst nightmare now was coming to pass, as heads swiveled toward him, taking in the packages he was carrying. Two teenage girls at the counter burst into laughter, as he dejectedly turned toward the baby supplies. “Make sure you get baby powder too, and maybe you won’t need as much diaper rash cream!” one called. The other added, “And baby wipes too! For when you need little diaper changes!”  “Oh, I think they are right sweetheart,” Janey said, laughing as well on the phone. “Baby wipes, baby powder, and diaper rash cream, to go along with your diapers.” He felt so completely publicly humiliated and embarrassed, his entire body was hot and tingling. He couldn’t believe he had allowed himself to be humiliated this way by a Phone Mommy …. and he couldn’t wait to do it again!



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