Hot Teen Girl potty method trained By Mother
Potty Training Humilation!
December 12, 2018
adult Man Holding his messy diaper with hand
VooDommy Mommy Pt 1
December 13, 2018

I have one very ABDL Stacey that likes to go out to public places like Walmart wearing his diaper under his grown-up pants and rub his hands against the front of his diaper when he thinks no one is looking! I have told him over and over not todo that, but that naughty adult baby will not listen! Scoldings, time-outs, and spankings didn’t work so what is an abdl mommy supposed to do? I told him that since he like doing like in his diaper out in public so much, he should try something that he’s never done before. I’ve ordered him to go to any busy store and while he’s talking to someone to poop his diaper right in front of them! You know as well as I do that poops can be quiet and sometimes, they can be very loud! He was so embarrassed that he promised me that he would never do naughty things like touching himself again.  I suppose that we will see if he keeps that promise. What should I do to if you misbehave? Why don’t you call me for some abdl phonesex so that I can tell you?



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