Brenda Desires Incest Sex With Son! (part 1)
September 12, 2022
Oh Oh Someone Is Excited
September 18, 2022



A Little Milk for Us Both: Mommy knows how excited you get when you breastfeed from mommy’s big, luscious, milk-filled boobies. With a breastfeeding fetish, the less clothes, the better. That way, while you nurse from mommy, mommy can play with your hard peepee. As you suck Mommy’s warm, sweet milk into your mouth, Mommy will milk your cheek of all its creamy goodness.

Mommy just loves feeling the vibrations of your moans and whimpers against mommy’s hard nipple as you get more and more excited. It makes mommy soak her pants, the harder you sucke. Mommy tightens her hand around your peepee and starts stroking it harder and faster.

Your hips start moving, and you start humping up against Mommy’s hand. Mommy knows those full balls are getting tighter and that your cock is filling with milky cum. Soon, mommy has you move to the chair so you can sit up while mommy squats between your spread thighs.

Mommy grabs that hard, throbbing cock once again and starts jerking it faster. Mommy told you she was going to milk your cock. It’s only fair that mommy gets some yummy milk too. And by the look of your face and the tightness of your body, mommy doesn’t think you mind at all.

Soon your moans get louder and your hips start thrusting harder. It won’t be long now, and you will be exploding all over for mommy. That’s a good boy. Being an adult baby definitely has its privileges. She was babied by mommy and played with also.

And mommy just loves making her little one cum. Milking those balls of all that sticky goo makes mommy’s pus so wet. And if you’re a very good boy, mommy will lick you clean after you make your creamy mess. And then mommy has a very special treat for you.

Since you made mommy get so wet in her pants, you get to clean her up. Mommy will slide her thong off and rub it against your face so you can feel how wet she got. Then mommy will lay you back down and straddle your face so you can slide your tongue in and out of mommy, scooping up her sticky mess.

Make sure you lick mommy clean from asshole to clitter; mommy will grind down on your face, covering you from nose to chin, to make it easier for you to get it all. As mommy rocks back and forth on your cute little face, her back arches, and she squirts all over you and down your throat.

Don’t waste a drop. That’s a good abdl; now it’s time to get you diapered after all that excitement. And mommy knows it won’t be long before you’re hungry again for some more mommy milk. Being a baby builds up quite a thirst. And luckily for you, mommy always has milk on tap.

Just like mommy knows you are always ready to explode for mommy as well. So, be a good boy and give mommy a call so mommy can take very good care of you. Click Here

Mommy Candy


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