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January 23, 2022
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January 29, 2022




I just love when mommy, daddy and their friends play with me.  Mommy’s favorite thing to do with me is put me in a diaper and then her and her friends really get into it with some diaper bondage.  They truss me up in a harness, lock open my legs and stick a ball gag in my mouth.  Then they tease me with toys and have their way with me.

And daddy’s most favorite thing to do with me, is fuck me.  Incest sex is the best with daddy, he knows just what his baby girl needs.  Especially after being played with by mommy and her friends.  They like to tease me and then stop before I make creamies.  Makes me extra sensitive to daddy’s big hands and even bigger cock.

Then they all watch as daddy shoves his big dick deep inside my tight little pussy.  Making me squirt over and over.  I just love being a good girl for mommy and daddy.  And it feels so good when they play with me.  One of my favorite things is when daddy grunts and fills my pussy with his hot cum.

I love to feel it shoot deep inside me, and then feel it slowly leak from my well used pussy.  Mommy puts me back in a diaper, so I don’t make a sticky mess everywhere.  And for being such a good girl for everyone, mommy lets me have a snack and watch cartoons.

I just love family sex night, there’s nothing better than play time for Baby Stacey.  It makes me feel so happy and I get so excited thinking about all the fun we will have.  I am always a very good girl and do as I’m told.  And I always get to make mommy and daddy feel good too.  They deserve to have fun after a long hard day of work.

I get on my knees and smile up at daddy as he comes through the door.  I reach up and undo daddy’s pants, so I can suck on his cock.  I like to make it get really big in my mouth.  And then when he starts humping my mouth and face, I know that daddy likes it.  I love to make daddy feel good.

As I suck on daddy, and he starts to make me choke and gag on his big dick, I feel my diaper getting wetter and wetter as my pussy gets more and more excited.  I start to squirm and then moan around daddy’s cock.  When all of a sudden, I feel my diaper being taken off by mommy.  As soon as the diaper falls off, mommy slides a toy between my cheeks and deep into my bottom.

I can’t help myself and I start to gush pussy juices all over.  Oh oh, Baby Stacey made a big mess.  Soon I feel mommy’s warm wet tongue flick over my soaked pussy, causing shivers to race up my body.  Mommy and daddy know how to take real good care of me.

ABDL Stacey


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