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December 13, 2020
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December 13, 2020

I hope you all enjoy this naughty little ABDL Christmas story that I came up with for you all!

ABDL Mommy Candy woke up early on Christmas morning with a fluttery flittery feeling in her stomach. Oh those butterflies just never knew when to calm down so that Mommy Candy could get her thoughts worked out! Mommy Candy all but jumped right up and out of bed, slowing down only to wiggle her perfectly painted toes up into the pair of fuzzy winter slippers that she had waiting next to her bed for this very moment. A grin had been plastered on her face since her holly jolly alarm tone had gone off this morning and she had opened her eyes. Flying down the stairs, Mommy Candy could already smell the pot of fresh coffee that was brewing away just for her on the auto timer that she had set the night before. There was no time to waste, after all! Santa had surely come in the night to bring gifts for all of her precious little adult babies and diaper lovers, and Mommy Candy was so ready to watch each and every one of their precious little faces light up at the sight of the brightly wrapped presents brought from the big man at the North Pole! Pouring a nice big steaming mug of coffee, Mommy Candy jogged back down the hallway to her bedroom again to quickly grab the plush pink robe that hung on the back of her door. Looking outside, Mommy Candy saw a beautiful powder of white slowly falling from the sky and collecting on the trees. Beautiful! A fresh snow on Christmas morning! Wrapping the nice soft robe around herself and tying it shut, Mommy Candy headed back into the kitchen to prepare her cup of coffee. She had just started stirring in the cream and sugar when she suddenly heard a soft cooing coming from the beautifully decorated living room. Following the sound, Mommy Candy began to ask herself if she was just hearing things or what, but then, there it was again… It seemed to be coming from under the tree near where all of the presents were wrapped and safely nestled. One of those packages was wiggling around! Mommy Candy leaped forward and grabbed the tag reading: To Mommy Candy, Love Santa. Surprised, Mommy Candy untied the bow, tore into the paper and covered her mouth in shock and joy when she opened the lid to that box and saw… the most adorable little adult baby cutie laying curled up and sucking on a paci in the bottom of the box. Santa had really come through for Mommy Candy this time and brought her another sweet little baby in need for her to love and care for, and it was everything she could have wanted and more.

Mommy Candy
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