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Silly Baby Has Silly Ideas!
April 9, 2019
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April 11, 2019

Adult Baby Dirty Diaper

   I immediately saw that his diaper needed changing. “Come here my sweet abdl diaper baby,” I called to him.

“Let Raine change you so you can be nice and clean.”

“I made a big mess,” he said with the puppy dog eyes. But I told him it would be ok and laid him on his back, and again assured him everything would be fine and that I was going to clean him up with no problems.

I took out my supplies: diaper, wipes, rash cream, and baby powder.

I lifted his butt and put the new diaper underneath the old diaper. Then I unhooked the old diaper and saw that he pooped on himself. With the wipes, I wiped on the side of his cock, then I took the warm wipe and wiped his cock. I slowly stroked the cock to make sure it was clean.

After, I lifted his ass in the air, took the warm wipe and wiped his ass until it was clean. I wiped one last time – just to be sure.

“That tickles,” he said laughing. “It tickles and I like it.”

I put the dirty wipes on the dirty diaper and folded it up and pulled it off of him. I wiped one last time to make sure he was completely clean.

It was only a dab of rash cream on my finger that I smoothed it out around his cock and between his ass cheeks. “Oh,” he said startled. Then, I sprinkled a little powder for freshness and closed the diaper.

“I smell good,” he said. “My wee wee is hard now and I don’t know what to do.”

We did some very naughty things … I licked and sucked and I’m ready to tell you the rest of the story.

ABDL Stacey




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