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adult baby with a full diaper

Greg looked around, double checking to make sure that he had everything that he needed for the call he was about to make, though this was more from excited nerves than having a lot to look for. He already had his diaper on (and nothing else on but that), had a small massage vibrator, and he had been holding in a bowel movement for long enough for that pressure to be just on the side of getting uncomfortable. That was all he needed for a scat phone sex call, after all. Then it didn’t take more than a few minutes for him to make the call to phoneamommy and then he was all set for a Skype session with his favorite Aunt Brenda. He absolutely loved how she teased him, making him blush so hard that his cheeks felt like they were on fire! She made him squirm in his diaper, making him feel like the silliest baby.

He clicked on the call button and immediately turned around to get in position, his diapered bottom facing the camera, and he wasn’t disappointed when he heard Aunt Brenda start to laugh at him. “Well now, isn’t that just the most adorable thing to see first thing! Why don’t you go ahead and wiggle that adorable thing for me, silly thing?” Greg couldn’t hold back a little giggle while he did what she asked, waggling his bottom as he could already feel a bit of a blush starting up. He knew that he looked ridiculous! She stopped laughing after a minute and asked him if there was anything else he needed to do in that diaper, besides wiggle like a silly baby, but her tone of voice was enough to know that she already knew that. He muttered a low “Yes, ma’am,” from around his pacifier. “Then you need to get to it! That diaper isn’t going to fill itself, now, is it?”

Greg fully squatted then, his arms resting on his knees, and he started to push against the pressure that had been building inside of him. And, oh my god, was he even more embarrassed when his bottom tooted with all that pressure being released, making Aunt Brenda laugh at him even harder! But he kept going, grunting a bit as he pushed a stinky mess into his diaper, with Aunt Brenda telling him how he was stretching out the back of it, getting lumpy and changing colors. He reached around to pat his diaper when he was done, feel the lumps that she was talking about it. Then Auntie told him to turn around and sit down on his squishy diaper with his legs spread apart. He couldn’t hold back a little moan when he did just that, and didn’t even bother once he started to rub the vibrator against his pp through the diaper! In a humiliating short amount of time his hips were jerking up and down as he made a new sticky mess to mix in with the last one. Sound like fun to you? If you’d love some abdl roleplay, call Aunt Brenda for some roleplay phone sex!

Aunt Brenda


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