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March 15, 2021
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March 20, 2021




In mommy’s nursery, the fun never ends.  Mommy just loves hearing the moans and squeals that constantly emanate from that special room.  Mommy’s little ones just love playtime!

Mommy has something for everyone and for those misbehaving little ones, mommy has a punishment that you will be begging for over and over.  All cribs are equipped with straps for those that need extra attention.  Diaper bondage can be very exciting.

And there’s always a reward and special treat for everyone.  No baby will be left dry when mommy is done.  Playtime is for all little ones and mommy to enjoy.  Mommy loves to watch just as much as she loves to join in.

Abdl sex makes for a boisterous group of adult babies.  Mommy loves to hear the begs and cries for more.  The sounds of slurping and skin on skin action, makes mommy very wet also.  Mommy believes in a happy ending for everyone.

Mommy walks around, squeezing diapers, rubbing little ones, testing straps, and mommy’s favorite:  making little ones explode over and over with sticky cummies for mommy.

By the time it’s bath time for all babies, everyone, including mommy will be a yummy sticky mess.  The fun doesn’t end there, mommy will give each and everyone a thorough fun filled wash up.  All babies will be squeaky clean and yet still dirty little perverts.  Mommy knows how insatiable her little ones get.

Every day is a motto of eat, sleep and cum again.  Hehe!  Mommy and her adult babies are never bored.  Whether playing with mommy or amongst each other, mommy’s babies are always enjoying themselves.

The smell of baby powder and sex fills the air.  Mommy breathes deeply of the delectable scent.  Filling a tingle between her legs.  Abies aren’t the only ones dripping wet.

Incest chat can be heard throughout the halls and rooms, as little ones discover they aren’t the only ones who think constantly about sex with their siblings, mommies or daddies.

Mommy’s nursery is a safe place for any and all fetishes, and mommy enjoys everything sexual.  Mommy would love to add you and your naughty desires to the rest of mommy’s little angels.  Mommy will never make you feel uncomfortable, unless it’s that first penetration between those little cheeks, hehe.

There’s nothing more beautiful or special then the bond between a mommy and her baby.  And with Mommy Candy, that bond has no limits.  Mommy loves all her little ones and mommy loves to make each and every one feel so good and oh so special.

If you would like to be at mommy’s mercy, please feel free to reach out and let mommy take real good care of you.  Mommy will not disappoint.  It warms mommy’s heart and heats up mommy’s pussy to make her little ones feel good.  To see those wispy smiles and to hear those satisfied sighs makes mommy’s whole day.

Mommy will always take very good care of you and mommy guarantees a good time, every time!

Mommy Candy


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