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I Am Your Sweet And Seductive Aunt Brenda
January 30, 2022
Diaper Girl Fun
February 6, 2022

ABDL girl playing with her pussy

Amanda Has Daddy Daughter Sex With Alex: I absolutely love keeping my creatively sexy options open when it comes to abdl sexy fun. I am Mommy Amanda, and I love to pamper my babies, and I don’t think that there is anything wrong at all with me also getting involved in all that fun! Yes, pampering babies is such a pleasure for me, but I also dip and dabble myself in diapers, and I really don’t care what anyone has to say about it. I do what I want, and I dance to the beat of my own drum.

I have a sexy and dominant friend named Alex that I like to role-play with; he is dominant, and I love to have fun with him and be his diaper girl. I even change my voice to make it sound just like a little girl so we can have daddy-daughter sex.

I would dress up in a cute frilly pink pant that covers my diaper along with a missing pink fluffy dress, and I will even throw in some pretty pink ankle socks that match. I look so adorable when I prepare to have daddy sex, and I know that he appreciates the effort that I make when I put my all into it.

I love it when he is rough with me, pulling and tugging on my pigtails while taking his time to spank my buttocks through my diapers, and he loves it when I tell him thanks and I ask him for more. The begging that I would do, along with my little girly voice, always turned him on. Then I would wait patiently and close my eyes as if I were about to get a surprise, and that is when I would feel a slimy wetness pressed up against my lips, and like clockwork, I would lick my lips and part them so that he could put his penis inside of my mouth to suckle.

He would grab the back of my head as he fucked my face, and when I was able to, I would be able to catch a few breaths of air. But, for the most part, I will hold my breath and sucking his dick as if tomorrow does not exist, and I will make sure he is thoroughly pleased.

Do you know what I look forward to the most? It is the thought of what is to cum—the anticipation of waiting to receive his creamies, the wonderful white sticky and slimy cum as it shoots out from his penile shaft like a loaded gun as it smacks me on the back of my throat—that makes me absolutely wild. I just love being a dirty little slutty daddy diaper girl, and I know that he loves it also. Whether in person with my hot and sexy dad (who I also play with on the phone because I have a phone sex addiction), you are going to love sexy fun too, so give me a call so we can play—you will have a sexually erotic and fun time. Nothing is off limits; we can do whatever you want, so don’t delay any longer and call me right away. Click Here



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