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Amanda Is Hypnotized Into A Diaper Baby Girl: Amanda woke up slowly, stretching out her arms and legs, feeling very different but not quite aware enough to tell how. She sat up, rubbing her eyes for a moment before opening them wide to see a Hello Kitty onesie and a very thick diaper around her hips underneath.When she heard a sharp click, she felt herself panic (why was she in a diaper, how did she get in a diaper, what was going on).Even while she was looking up to see what the sound was, her body was already starting to relax; that panic melted away to nothing, so when she saw Mommy Brenda sitting across from her, the only reaction was to giggle and smile at her.

“Well, someone woke up from their nap in a good mood!” Brenda said, as she smiled right back, looking pleased and a bit smug.

“I, uh… yes, Mommy,” was all she could say. She realized that her diaper was soaked, and her smile turned upside down as she started squirming, little noises of discontent filling up the room.

“Aww, did someone wet their diaper?”, Brenda asked, her voice high and singsongy. “Why don’t you come over here so I can check it, hmmm?”

Amanda managed to get up off the couch and tried to walk normally, like over to Mommy, but all she could do was waddle towards her, her thighs spread wide and her knees far apart. Once Amanda was close enough Mommy’s hand reached out and gave her diaper a firm squeeze.

“Oh, yes, you wet your diaper quite a bit! Looks like it’s time for a diaper change; go ahead and lay down on the couch.” Amanda did just that as Mommy Brenda walked over to her with everything she’ll need. Amanda squirmed and wiggled the whole time, loving all the attention but so embarrassed about needing to be taken care of like a baby! But how else was she supposed to be treated? She was a baby, right? Amanda heard that little click again and looked up at Mommy Brenda with a smile and a bootie wiggle.

“My dipee feels so good!”

Mommy Brenda laughed at that and gave Amanda a tummy tickle. “I’m sure it does! A few suggestions, some clicks, plenty of time and patience, and here you are, happier than you’ve been in years. Aren’t you a happy baby?”

“Yes!”, said Amanda, so excited that she thrust her arms up in the air.

“Do you want to be a happy baby forever?”


Mommy Brenda smiled down at her and bopped her on the nose. “Then that’s exactly what you’ll be. I’ll take care of you, feed you, play with you, change your diapers, and treat you like the silly baby that you are!”

Amanda bounced up and down on her diapered bottom, giddy and giggling with joy now that she knew she would always be Mommy Brenda’s baby!

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