Diapered For Mommy’s Pleasure
February 20, 2023
Amanda Plays With Her New Neighbor!! (Part 2)
February 21, 2023

Oooh wow!
She couldn’t help but gush at her new neighbor as the man’s muscles rippled under the tight-fitted sweatshirt. Watching him from the cracked opening of the Venetian blinds, she ran her eyes hungrily over his glistening tanned skin. She could almost imagine how he smelled, all sweat, musk, and heat.
Thoughts of the big man as a cute abdl baby came to her, warming her heart just as much as it wet her aching pussy. Amanda closed her eyes as the wave continued to build up. She pictured him with a tiny cock, her mouth sucking it all in without any problems, her fingers curled around the diaper’s waistband to keep it tugged down to his thighs. She had encountered many small penises, and experience had taught her that many a vast and muscular hunk had average to tiny dicks.
If he did, it would make his manipulation all the easier. Amanda smirked through the window, happy to discover he stayed alone. By the end of the day, as the moving process continued slowly, she had devised a sinister plan to get him.
He was hot!
Impatient, she was out of the house, wanting to be the first to meet him before other ladies in the neighborhood got their mitts on him. You had to claim a man early around here.
“Hi, I’m Amanda,” she said, offering him her hand and her most beautiful smile.
“I’m Robert, from Poughkeepsie.” The way the word rolled out from his mouth made her skin tingle.
“Oooh, keepsies. Finders, keepers!” She gave him an exaggerated wink. “I think I’d like to keep you!” He blushed but stepped a little closer to her.
“Ooh, I like that.”
She played with him hard over the next few weeks, doing her very best to make sure that she became indispensable to him, to wiggle her way into his life, and to make sure that he associated her with nothing but good things. Homecooked meals and baked goods, fresh bread and muffins, all given with a motherly smile and a little extra ingredient (from her friendly neighborhood witch) that made him more compliant and needy.
She kept touching him, getting him more used to her hands on him than not, a motherly touch to keep him grounded, but still a bit flirty now and then. Once he started having accidental weewees in his undies around her (she teased him for getting so excited around her, knowing it was a happy side effect of the particular ingredient), it didn’t take long to convince him to start wearing pull-ups.
She told him how much she would love and care for him and made him feel wonderful whenever she allowed him to suck on her nipples like a good baby. He suckled till they were tender, red, and swollen, and his little pp precisely the same as he got turned on by his new mommy! Wouldn’t you? Wait till tomorrow to click here to find out what naughty things they do and call me for some kinky phone sex fun!



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