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February 20, 2023
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February 23, 2023

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(first part) Amanda couldn’t help but laugh a bit at the face Robert made after he came in his diaper for the first time. The fact that it was also the first time she had put him in a diaper probably doubled his humiliation, and it took less than five minutes to triple it! He tried to defend himself, saying it would never have happened if she didn’t have her hand on the front of his diaper. Amanda giggled harder and pointed out that he shouldn’t have gotten excited like that; that’s what naughty babies did.
Robert knew that Mommy knew best, so he knew she had to be right about that, but… cummies felt so good! He might have to be a naughty baby if that’s the case. Some of his thoughts must have been all over his face since Amanda started talking about chastity cages to keep him in line.
“Waaaawaaaa!” He cried in agitation. Robert knew he didn’t want anything to do with that, but he didn’t think he had much input on whether or not he would be wearing one.
“Dear, I won’t put it on you if you start to behave. I want you to feel wonderful all day long.” She smiled to reassure him that he was at home.
“Agggoggooo Gaga?” He said, needing double reassurance.
“Yes, dear. And when you’ve been a good baby, I will let you make cummies on occasion, as long as it’s with my permission, okay?”
Robert smiled as he heard that and cuddled closer to Mommy, nuzzling around her tit to suck on her nipple. She smiled at him indulgently and opened her blouse to pull her bra down. He latched on with a little moan, his lips drawing tight, and his tongue curled around the nipple as warm milk filled his mouth. He got so happy as he waited to swallow it until it was a large mouthful, so much that some of it leaked around his mouth. It felt so good, his mouth filling up, his cheeks stretching out a little bit as he drank mouthful after mouthful. It felt so good that he could feel his pp getting excited again!
The taste of the milk, mommy’s hands running through his hair and down his back, her warm skin pressed against his face… how was he not supposed to get excited with all this going on?! It was too much to ask him not to enjoy this so much; it was. So, he lay there and did his best not to rock his hips, and it felt like forever as his body got hotter and more excited. Being unable to move in front of Mommy somehow got him even more worked up!
She must have known something because she smirked at him as she said it was time to go to bed. She never stopped as she washed him, barely touching his pp since it was hard, and tucked it into his diaper with a little pat and a giggle. Amanda said she knew she didn’t have to worry about him being naughty again in his diaper since she also knew he didn’t want to get put into chastity. They would have to wait until morning to see if he made it! Could you please? Call me to tell me all about it!



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