You Will Do As Mommy Says
March 6, 2022
Hot & Sexy Girl Fuck Herself
Let Loving Mommy Amanda Take Care Of Your Needs
March 6, 2022

ABDL Mommy's Pussy Showing

Amanda Rewards Alan With Her Succulent Juices: I placed Alan in diaper bondage because he needed to be reminded that that is where he belongs. It is one thing to be a diaper lover and have all of the powder, lotion, and dry pamper comfort that you need. So when I decide to have abdl roleplay, I make sure that whoever I choose to play with will have a nice lesson and I will have the time of my life.

If one listens to me when I speak and follows all of my instructions down to every single detail, then that person will be handsomely rewarded. I never disclose what that reward will be in advance, but it matters how my mood is at the time to determine what reward my diaper lover will get.

Today, I am playing with Alan, and he has had his moments where he was bad and needed to be punished, and then he would be spanked by my bare hands while his diaper was discarded, and I would not stop until his bottom was red and blistered.

Then there are the times when he would be such a sweetheart and therefore so deserving of my sweet and ample breasts in his face that I practically missed my mammary orbs all over his face. The way that his eyes would squint then close as there was nothing but titty flesh pressed against his eyes, then his nose would be mushed so his nostrils would close and he would start to suffocate himself by being so mushed into my tits, then after common sense would hit him he would briefly come up for air and then go back to the place of soft safety, which resides within my bosoms, as he would be sandwiched in between them.

My sweet pussy is also a great reward that I love to give him once he behaves so well. I really enjoy when he licks his clitoral region with all of the energy, zest, and fervor that he has, which makes me cum all over his face, mouth, tongue, and throat. This is usually his meal for the day, and it serves him quite well because it is so creamy and delicious that it is something that does his body good.

Alan is a good submissive diaper boy, and that is because he has a natural desire to please me, and he knows very well how to read me and take instructions from me as well.

Now, just because he is my diaper lover to play with at the moment doesn’t mean that he is the only diaper lover qualified to play with me. You may be next on my list, so you will need to give me a call so we can roleplay and you will find out what makes me tick. So, don’t hesitate or delay any further, as I am here to teach you what you need to know and also teach you how to taste my every creamy crack and crevice.

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