Mommy Will Milk You of Your Sticky Cummies
August 7, 2022
ABDL diaper girl with hand in diaper
Amanda’s Pussy Is Delicious
August 8, 2022

tongue out of mouth lickingAmanda Tasted The Piss On Ken’s Tongue: I am reminiscing about the time when a cute and adorable adult baby diaper lover named Ken called up a mommy and asked to speak with me. It is always such a flattering thing when an ABL selects me after reading my profile and seeing what I am all about.

I don’t know if it is ego or if it is pride, but it is something that I love very much. And when it comes to sweet Ken, there is always something sexy and forbidden about our sexual roleplay, and that is something that I immensely enjoy, and apparently, so did Ken.

Ken is an enthusiast of the abdl lifestyle, and he is so diverse that he does not mind what my creative mind comes up with. I wanted him to have an audience the last time we played, so I had him create a profile and log into a webcam. All he had to do was not show his face, but I made sure that the world saw his penis.

This was so different for him as it was so wild and adventurous, and having random strangers look at his cock while we spoke on the phone and instruct him on what to do with it was priceless. When the reactions to his genitals in an open diaper hit 1,000 views, that was when I gave him the green light to go ahead and jerk off his penis in the diaper and cum.

And when he came, that was not the end of it because, in front of all the strangers online who just saw my abdl play with himself, he was instructed by me to scoop up as much of it as he possibly could and eat it all up.

I made sure to blindfold him so that his eyes would be covered for anonymity and his lips would be exposed so that he could take his time and lick and suck up all that he just expelled from his penis and swallow it all the way back down into his mouth.

The thing with Ken was that he was so different, and that was the difference when we role-played. In the roleplay, I was his everything, and whatever I asked of him, he would not hesitate to do.

Now that the cum was swallowed, the penis had more things to do, and that is when I told him to go ahead and poop it in the diaper and to leave some of the piss back in his bladder. He was so confused as to why I told him to leave some back, but when I held a glass to his cock, he understood the assignment, pissed in the glass, took it from me, held it against his lips, and drank his yellow piss down deep.

After he drank his piss, I grabbed his face and kissed it, then I made him touch my tongue with his, and I was able to savor the bittersweet taste of his piss on his tongue. Click Here



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