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June 26, 2022
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Amanda’s ABDL Georgie With The Diaper Fetish


abdlAmanda’s ABDL Georgie With The Diaper Fetish: Georgie has a diaper fetish, and it has gotten to the point where it is out of control. There was nothing wrong with this fetish when he and I would play, but the thing is, I get pretty busy sometimes, and the urge is still there without my presence, and this is where things got sticky and he got into trouble.

Georgie decided to take his diaper fetish to work, where he dealt with gossipy coworkers, and this became a problem. He decided to start wearing his diapers to work, and he stopped using the bathroom at work. So, when his coworkers would use the bathroom, what do you think Georgie was doing? He was pissed and pooping in his diaper at work, and he could not deny that it was him as he wore the Crinklz ones, which made quite a bit of noise whenever he walked around the office.

It did not take long for his coworkers to find out that he was the culprit that stinking up the place, so they all gathered around and informed HR. Georgie just lost it and his infantilism, where he did something that one would have thought he was influenced to do by diaper hypnosis, but that was not the case. Georgie, at work in front of all of his coworkers, decided to reveal that he had on diapers by pulling off his pants!

After a few gasps of shock, the crowd that surrounded him was even more traumatized when he decided to take an even bigger shit in his diaper while he squatted down on the floor in front of all of them. He grunted and groaned so much as he tried to push out as much poop as possible, and then, when he finally got out the final chunk, he ripped off his poopy diaper and threw it in the face of his arrogant boss and exited the building shitty and naked from the waist down.

When he told me this, I literally laughed for a few days, as it was just something that one would probably hear from a movie; but today I have Georgie home with me to play as much as I want, and that makes me very happy.

Right now I have my hand on his freshly washed cock, and I am jerking it up and down as it grows more and more in my hand. As it grows, I can see the bulging veins popping up and down, and there is a pool of pre-cum collecting at the tip of his dick.

Like ice cream drips down the side of a cone, his pre-cum begins to drip down at the side, and without warning, I pulled myself into him closer and directed his cock to my lips, then I opened up my mouth and started to devour his beautiful cock. He was so pleased to have me put my lips around it that before I could count to ten, Georgie shot a load so fast and so powerful that it almost bore a hole in the back of my throat. Now it is your turn to play, so call Mommy Amanda right away. Click Here



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