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December 26, 2021
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I’ll Be Your Mommy
January 2, 2022


The diaper therapy that my abdl needs is always one that makes him feel complete because it is something that touches his heart, mind and soul.  He has loved abdl bdsm and specifically abdl roleplay since he was a teenager, ever since he walked in on his mother and her boyfriend doing erotic role-play.  He did not see mommy kissing Santa Clause as the famous song goes, he just happened to see mommy sucking on her boyfriend’s cock while she happened to have a black collar around her neck that read the word “slave.”

At first he was shocked as he could not believe that his mother would wear a collar with such a word on it and before he could manage to get over that shock, he saw his mother’s boyfriend place her over his knee and she was spanked in a silly way.  First she was spanked and her boyfriend paused to make her imitate the sound of a cat and then she was told to switch it to the sound of a cow and then to a hyena.

He watched in both horror and delight when he heard his mother make animalistic sounds of the wild and then he saw the dominant boyfriend that the mom was with place her on her back on a bed and made her open her legs while she had him place a diaper under her buttocks. He the took his cock and held it in his hand while he spat on it and he pressed it up against her cunt and he rammed it inside of her all while tugging on the chain that accompanied the collar that read “slave.”

He heard his mother mumble as best as she could, “thank you, sir – may I have another” and her wish was granted as her master pounded her cunt as a jackhammer to a concrete pavement. He heard his mother scream as she came and her dominant also dumped his creamy load inside of her and then with cum saturating all over her genitals, he then wrapped the flap of the front of her diaper as he closed the tabs and then he left her in the bed diapered up in a cum filled diaper.

After he witnessed what he thought for a moment was too wild and sexy to be a dream, he raced back to his room as quiet as he could to masturbate. He wanted to be a diaper baby and he wanted to make sure that he was a good little submissive boy while he was at it.

I know that you are getting very excited and are probably creaming in your diapers reading this hot and erotic story and you should. Now, there is something that you can do about it and that is simply calling me now for us to talk about it. We can roleplay a sexy scenario that will make you cum until you are satisfied, so call me now at 1-888-430-2010 and let us play.



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