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May 1, 2022
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May 1, 2022

Mommy's Sexy Looks

Amanda’s Cum Is Better Than Ice Cream: I absolutely adore age regression because it really takes my adult babies back to a time where they felt safe, comforted, and protected. There is nothing like it in the world where a sweet little muffin can go back to where he or she had playtime and felt so young and so cute. Even the outfits are just so adorable, from onesies to diapers to cute and adorable little toys and fun games—even little nursery rhymes and lullabies being sung so that my babies can feel so cute and comfy.

I also love to discipline my sweet babies when they are naughty, and we even sometimes get into messy diaper sex or spanking phone sex or ex-spanking phone sex, and that is so naughty as well.

I put my hand in there when my babies do naughty things, and sometimes I find little surprises like wet pussies and hard dicks surrounded by messy things that they did in their diapers. Oh, what a wonderful day to receive such surprises when I put my hands inside of their special parts.

Then, if I feel like being entertained, I will simply go ahead and have them dance for me while wearing their onesies or their droopy diapers as well. If I feel like laughing or smiling, that is what I will do, as that is so sexual to my babies, and they love it so much.

Breastfeeding is also another favorite of mine, as I love to stick my big jugs in their mouths and feed them all of the sweet and creamy milk that I have in my tummy. The more they suck, the hornier I get, and when I decide that it is time for me to cum, all I have to do is pick one of them to squat over, and they will lay there while I ride their faces so they can drink up all of my cum. I do have a ton of quinoa for them to swallow as it is so nutritious and delicious, and it is better than ice cream.

Don’t you know that I have enough cum to spare so even you can have a lick? Well, don’t just take my word for it; you need to give me a call right away so we can play and you can find out. Just look for a comfy place in your house or even your car and let us role-play all of the nasty and raunchy things that come to your mind.

There are no limits, and when you and I connect, it is a safe place to play, so call me right away and do not hesitate or even delay. It is time for you to experience the hottest phone fantasy that you can imagine, and all it takes is one call to make all of this happen, so why not treat yourself to something hot and sexy for a change? Don’t you think that you deserve it—as I surely do? So call me now so we can play.

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