Time For Some Diaper Fun
July 31, 2022
abdl mommy topless
Brenda Beats Brad’s Bottom
August 1, 2022

Men With Baby Diaper

Aunt Brenda Fucks Her ABDL In The Closet: It really doesn’t matter to me that you are at work and you have an office full of staff. I will do what I want and show up at your job so we can play. Your company decided that it was a brilliant idea to put a little glass partition by the door, but they were dumb enough to put a closet out of sight, and that is what I will be focusing on so we can fuck.

Stop being so damn nervous, because we are going to do like Marvin Gaye and “get it on.” I know that I lied to your secretary and told her that I was your aunt in order for me to get in here. She was such a sweetheart, and she wanted to “check in” my little suitcase, but I respectfully declined. The reason I need to keep this little suitcase with me is because it contains a variety of goodies that will be used for both my pleasure and yours.

Don’t mind me; just ignore the quick little redecorating of your office. I want to make sure that the whiteboard is moved to the front of your office door, which I just locked. Now, you will get inside that huge closet, pull your pants down and your underwear as well, and spread open your ass cheeks for me. I need to see if it is acceptable for what I need to do, and I see that it is not. If I told you once and I have told you twice, your ass must always be ready and available for me.

I am going to open up this bottle of hot wax and use this spatula to wipe the area that I’ want to wax. I want to make sure that your asshole is hair-free, and at the count of three, it will be. So, here we go! “One…Two…and…Three!”

Now I am going to ram my plastic dick into your man-pussy. Take this cock as I fuck you like a beast. I will grab your hips, just like this, and push myself into you as hard as ‘I can. This asshole will be sure to think about me every single time that you take a shit, and I know that you will know the reason why. You need to have me on your mind at all times, and this is one way to make sure that gets done.

Now that I have gotten to do what I wanted to do, it is time for you to lay on the changing blanket on the floor so I could change you. The adult diaper fetish that you have will serve you very well as you do our abdl roleplay, which is similar to the ddlg roleplay that you told me that your little sister did with her dominant.

I will gently wipe you clean—just like this—and make sure to take some Vaseline and put it on my finger generously in order for me to rub it on your pretty, puckered asshole. I know that it is soothing and feels so good after you got your asshole fucked by me with my strap on while bent over on all fours for me in your office. The sock that ‘I stuffed in your mouth served you so well as yelling and screaming from your office with your stuff colleagues — it just wasn’t going to work. Click Here

Aunt Brenda


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