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March 15, 2021

abdl baby

When you first called me up you were so nervous, paranoid and scared.  You said that you pondered about this for hours and you were not sure what you should do.  You had these desires and fantasies on the inside that you wanted to bring to the surface to explore and you tried to work up your nerves several times in the past and you would give up.

Whether it was fear of the unknown or something else, you just knew that this part of you needed to be nurtured.  You have always been a ddlg ever since you were younger but you always felt that back then that served it purpose and now you wanted to be an abdl baby who played with an aunt.  It was at that moment that you worked up the courage to call phone a mommy and speak to me and that was where our ongoing aunt and daughter role play relationship began.

You were so humble and so sweet when we first began chatting and you were like a sponge, soaking up everything that I told you.  You listened so intensely that I rarely had to repeat myself to you. It was the once in a while occasion when we had phone static issues that there was a slight repeat in what I instructed to you do.

The way that I told you to dress when you called me you obeyed and followed and I appreciate that you gathered all of the items that I instructed you to gather so we could have the most erotic phone play.  Yes, I taught you the ways of the world in the abdl lifestyle and you acknowledge that  – but you also must admit that you had an immense amount of time being taught with such pleasure commingled inside of it.

Where else can you learn about your body and how it responds to my commands and actually experience it at the same time cumming in immense orgasmic eruptions that you never experienced before.  The way that I guided you to touch yourself ever so slightly by taking your finger and gently grazing it over your clitoris after your separated your beautiful vaginal lips – is a lesson unlike any other.

And when I had you slip two fingers inside your wet cunt as you curved those fingers upward in a manner to stimulate your G-spot so you could experience multiple orgasms is something that you will cherish and never forget.  As an aunt,  I know exactly what my beautiful abdl girl wants and needs and it is only me that could provide that for you.   And when it is time to diaper you, only I know how to wipe you off lotion your private parts, powder you and get you all secured gently in your comfy diaper. Just know that when I do all these things for you, when it is time for you to take care of aunty’s needs you will know exactly what to do as I already taught you.

And when you feel the need to exercise some level of independence, I gently remind you of who is in charge with a quick spank on your bottom with my hairbrush.  As you know, this is for your own good sweetheart as I will always direct you on the path that you should go. Never forget, your abdl aunt Brenda knows best.

Aunt Brenda


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