Clark Caught Wetting the Bed! (Part 2)
December 31, 2022
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Brenda Has Eyes on Her New Adult Baby!
December 31, 2022

need to give that diaper a squeeze


Brenda tried to relax as she leaned her back on the wall for support and heaved a deep, long sigh. She had been working all day taking care of her adult babies, and their needs were never-ending. From all sides of the main daycare playroom, there was a cacophony of babbling, giggling, and the occasional sniffle and cry. She loved caring for them, but they could be a handful sometimes! Brenda could see the start of a little tussle in the corner between two silly babies and quickly stepped in to stop it.
“Eric, Billy, what do you two think you are doing? No fights, you know this! Crawl in separate directions, or it’s a timeout for both of you.” Brenda stood firm, hands on her hips, as she watched both go off to play apart.
She felt a tug on her skirt and looked down to see Keith on his knees next to her, rubbing his blankie against his face, his teary eyes wide and upset. He tugged on the front of his diaper, which was more than a bit on the wet side. “It’s time for a diaper change, then, isn’t it, dear? Well, come on, let’s get you out of that soaked thing.”
He got down, crawled towards the changing room doorway, and hopped on top of a changing table. A few other babies came over to the door to watch, but she ignored them even as they giggled at the faces Keith made at them as Brenda cleaned him up. She would have shooed the silly things off if he had been shyer, but he did like to show off a bit. She got him ready in time to hear her assistant Amanda calling out for everyone to come to her; it’s story time!
That drew them from around the room—the toy chests, the music corner, and the blankets in the middle for tummy time. The babies crawled, waddled, and scurried their way to Amanda; they all loved her voices and how she acted out the stories. They jostled and fussed a bit as they all tried to sit in the front closest to her; Amanda loved to reach out and tickle the closest ones when she was reading a funny part. The fact that she was a pretty young lady didn’t hurt either, and babies love their cute things!
They laughed at the funny parts and even cheered a bit at others; Amanda’s storytelling worked them up. Once the story was over, Brenda led them to the low tables with graham crackers or wafers for everyone and their drink of choice given to them once they were calmly sitting down. The quick nibbles gave them time to relax a bit more, and soon enough, plates were being placed in the trash and everyone was lying down on their mats for nap time. Sweet smiles and happy faces relaxed into sleep, sleepy heads resting on their pillows as they had sweet dreams. Why don’t you call and tell me how much you would like to be in that daycare yourself?

Aunt Brenda


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