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Shhh No One Will Know
January 22, 2021
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Scarlet’s Submissive Secretary
January 24, 2021

mommy dominationI have a new hot gardener as my previous one retired from the landscaping company that I used for years and he moved to another state. This new gardener showed up this morning as discussed the night before on the phone with his boss. He was on-time, bright and early and began doing the necessary work on my lawn. I watched him from my kitchen and saw him working so hard and he took off his shirt when he began to get so sweaty.

The weather was brisk, yet it was not fully cold and he was still full of tiny sweaty clear droplets that just danced all the way down his young, tight and toned body.  Every time he picked up a shovel and dug into the ground his young body flexed and released and it made me so warm on the inside.

He bent over to plant my flowers and I saw it, clear as day that he was wearing diapers underneath his black slacks! It was at that point that I decided that he was going to be my ABDL boy toy and I was going to have some diaper bondage fun with him and move our relationship from professional to personal.

I popped my head outside and told him to come inside to take a load off and have something to drink. He came inside and drank some water and I mentioned to him that I saw that he was wearing a diaper underneath.  He tried to deny it at first but when I told him I could simply rewind the tape of my home video surveillance camera he confessed.

He also admitted other fetishes to me that he enjoyed such as abdl sex and though it is not commonly discussed often among certain circles he stated that he also loves to indulge in incest chat as well. After he confessed these things I told him that there is nothing to be ashamed off and I immediately pulled down his black slacks and ripped off his diaper.

He was flabbergasted and I told him to kick off the pants from his ankles and follow me.  I held his hand as I walked him into my bedroom and I told him to relax and get on my bed.  Obediently he listened to me and did as he was told and I reached into my closet and retrieved a fresh diaper with baby wipes and I wiped his meaty cock and tight balls off, powdered and  diapered him and I placed faux fur red cuffs on his hands.

He was confined for the first time ever in diapers and red cuffs! I then got on top of him and sat on his handsome face and told him to extend his talented tongue and I lowered my creamy cunt on his face and moved back and forth.  His tongue was stiff, wet and long and it reached every inch of my delicious cunt. I opened up my soft pussy lips and sandwiched his nose between them and then I moved my perfect and pretty pussy from side to side.

His nose, lips, chin and cheeks were all slobbered with the juices from my wet cunt and he enjoyed every single second of it.  It was at that moment that his boss showed up at my house and rang the doorbell as he did not see him working on the lawn.

I quickly got off of him, released him from the cuffs, told him to get dressed and I answered the door and told his boss that he was using the bathroom and he will resume his duties on the landscape shortly.  The fun time we had will not be our last as I made another appointment for him to return next week.

Do you want to be my sexy hot gardener also and have me have my way with you? Then pick up your phone give me a call right away.



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