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Mommy smells a stinky little one
February 28, 2021
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My Boyfriend – My Sweet ABDL Baby
March 2, 2021

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I would say that it’s fairly well-known that babies of all sizes, from the littlest to the biggest, can get more than a bit messy at times. Adult babies can get to be worse than others when it comes to messes, though, that is for sure! Little babies make messes because they don’t know any better, while adult babies make them even though they are being naughty. The misbehaving, mess-making babies enjoy being bad babies, even though they know that a spanking is usually going to follow their dirty fun. But did you know that there are some that like to go that extra mile, that like to get even filthier than most babies? Covering themselves with permanent marker or deciding to dig in all the house plant containers for treasure is not enough for some, oh no! No, they need to get extra dirty and call me for some scat phone sex.

Now, for some babies, that is as simple as sitting around in their squishy diapers! Do you need encouragement to fill up your diaper the way a baby needs to do? I can certainly help with that, no problem at all. All that is needed sometimes is a little push to have that diaper getting slowly turning warm and heavy while you push that smelly mess out into your diaper just like you should. Maybe that’s not your problem at all, and you just enjoy telling someone how wonderful that stinky poopoo diaper feels against your bottom! You know, the way it slips and slides into all your cracks and crevices, all the way up to the front if you wiggle enough. There are babies that love that feeling so much that their wittle peepee’s get excited in their diapers! Permission is given to some to make sticky cummies in their diapers, while some do not get that permission, all they get is me laughing at them.

Others like all that and more, but they also love to get their hands dirty, pushing them down inside their diapers to feel that mess between their fingers. Sometimes it’s just talking through a fantasy, but for most it’s not an abdl roleplay, they are doing everything they are talking about!  Squishing their mess between their fingers, even pulling some out to smear it on themselves. Like I said, some babies like to get extra dirty and downright filthy! They rock back and forth in their diapers and putting even more out into when they can. Doesn’t take too many ‘accidents’ until the mess starts to get pushed out of the diaper! There are many types and level of dirty for babies, that’s for sure! Maybe you aren’t even sure about just what you may like yourself? I’m sure you have thought about so many different things that you may like that it’s a bit confusing! Don’t stress about it, you can call me for a bit of roleplay phone sex so we can talk about all kinds of different scenarios you might like.

Aunt Brenda


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