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September 4, 2021
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September 6, 2021

diaper lover

My diaper lover Sandy was so sweet this week that he made sure to massage my feet and soak them in bubbly water to ease out any unnecessary tensions.  I just love it when Sandy takes care of me in the way that he knows how to do.  He is a diaper baby that loves his kinks, whether it is diaper sex, scat sex or diaper bondage.  And I love it also very much.  I recall last week when I told him to go to the store to gather the necessary items for him to cook us dinner.

While he was out I gathered specific items on the bed and awaited his return.  When he returned to the house a half and hour later, I summoned him to the room and I had him disrobe and lay down on the bed.  I had his diaper ready and got some lotion to jerk his cock while I stroked it up and down in his diaper.  He was in his glee and I stroke his cock so slowly and I watched his penis veins grow and his meaty cock get larger in the palm of my hand.

His stiff cock was warm, beautiful and inviting and it was such a sight to see.  Up and down my hand went and every time I took him to the edge, I would pull back to tease him. He would beg me to please keep going and I would tease him over and over again. I want him to crave it, to want to “bust that nut” so much but I did not want to rush it, I want to make sure that it would last.  Having good quality sex where he can savor and enjoy it without being rushed is what I want. Who wants to have a great meal and rush through it without enjoying themselves.

I love to tease the pee hole with my finger and circle the tip of my finger on the pool that collected on the tip of his cock.  He would leak and drip and that is when I would shake it back and forth and bang it against his mound.  The way that the pool of pre-cum would fly all over my hands and his thighs then land on his belly would be such a turn on. I love to play with my diaper lover, even when he wets himself in the bed while wearing his diapers and plastic pants.

Putting on my strap on and lubing his asshole up enough for him to take my many inches of artificial cock is another pleasure that I thoroughly enjoy.  ABDL sex is always the best when it is role-played with me, Aunt Brenda.

You need to take that chance that you are afraid to take and give me a call so we can roleplay in a fun and sexy way.  You may need a diaper change or a spanking and it is all in the name of fun. So, don’t you want to talk to me, Aunt Brenda? Then don’t hesitate to reach out to me right now.

Aunt Brenda


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