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Daddy’s Bad Little Girl
January 15, 2021
January 17, 2021

abdl babyIt was such a treat to have a sweet adult baby diaper lover girl come to me to be taken care of just the way that I know how to treat her right.  She used to be a ddlg and she always felt that there was a void, something that was missing when she was taken care of by a daddy. She did her research and  discovered me on the internet when she decided to look for an aunty, before she decided to call phone a mommy and with our new dominant and submissive relationship she found out that that I have the nurturing side that she will need in order for her to feel complete.

As an avid bed wetter, she told me that she was punished severely in the past when she would fill up her diaper and I told her that my treatment is done with love.  She looked at me with uncertain eyes when she said to me, “Aunt Brenda, I think that I wet myself.” I looked back at her and said, “You think that you wet yourself, or do you know that you did?” I asked her that question because it is important that she be honest with me and not hide anything. She answered me and said, “I know that I did but I am so very scared of what punishment you are going to give me.” I said to her, “I am stern but I am also sweet and I will make sure that you are properly tended to. I am a very fair dominant and if you are a good baby, you have nothing to worry about.  If you are naughty, then you will be spanked.”

“Though I have a changing table and a bedroom floor where you can be changed, I want you to lay back in your crib on the changing pad and get comfortable and let me check your wet diaper.”  “I can smell that you definitely wet yourself and I need to get you changed right away.” “No abdl of mine is going to remain in a wet diaper for long; I won’t allow it. It is a a good thing that I have all of diaper accessories and supplies nearby.”

“Now I will remove that dirty diaper and place it in the diaper genie, then I will separate those thighs of yours ever so gently then I will wipe off that little vagina of yours front to back because I don’t want to spread any germs from your bottom to your vagina.” “Poor little girl with such a wet and fully saturated vagina with a slew of piss all over it, that must be so uncomfortable for you.”  “I sincerely care about you and gently wiping you off the proper way is paramount to your overall health and safety.”

“I see that you are smiling happily as I wipe you off and I will continue to do it, ensuring that I am changing wipes as necessary and I won’t stop until you are fully cleaned.” She said “I am smiling because you nurture me, Aunty Brenda and I really needed that.” I responded to her, “that’s good to hear, now I will go ahead and rub you down with some baby lotion.” “I will also sprinkle you with some powder on your vagina and some on your tummy.” “Now I will a close  up your diaper’s tabs and make sure that you are snug and dry.” “You are my little princess and I will make sure that you are cared for by me in a very special way.”  “Adult babies need to be nurtured and that is why Aunty Brenda is here.”




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