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May 22, 2019
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May 29, 2019

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Isn’t bath time one of the best times? When they get to play outside, adult babies can definitely get a little dirty, more than a bit sweaty and certainly stinky(especially when their diaper is soaked and messy!). A baby can’t go to sleep in their crib like that, so getting in a warm bath is a must, and abdl mommies can make it fun for the messiest baby with just a few toys and bubbles. Of course, having all of mommy’s attention while she washes a baby down is very nice as well. You have to get the hair first, start at the top and work down all the way down to the wiggling toes. A warm, soapy rag gets scrubbed across the face, for sure behind the ears because nobody needs to grow potatoes in all that dirt! Down the neck, all the way around, raising up the arms to get those stinky armpits to each little finger. Can’t forget the dirt underneath those nails! And while I’m scrubbing and cleaning a few tickles that are guaranteed to make a baby giggle are really nice, because a babies giggles are the sweetest thing to a adult baby mommy’s ears. By the time I’m done you will be sparkling clean on every inch of your body and it will time to dry you off and put a new clean diaper on your bottom. Bedtime will see a fresh, clean smelling baby all tucked in their crib, sucking on a paci and drifting off to have sweet baby dreams! Why don’t you call me for your own adult baby phone sex?



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