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October 8, 2021
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Through diaper hypnosis, you can become an adult baby diaper lover just like me, Baby Stacey.  Then we can play in our diapers together and have all sorts of yummy fun.  I just love using my diapers and it’s so exciting when mommy changes my dirty diaper.  Mommy knows exactly what to do.

I am an abdl girl that loves to be babied by mommy and daddy.  I am a very good girl but sometimes I like being a bad little naughty girl.  And that means spankings sometimes.  And shhh don’t tell mommy and daddy, but I like spankings.  Makes me get all wet and turned on when I get smacks to my cute little butt.

Even if the spankings are on my abdl diaper instead of my bare bottom.  But I definitely like the sting of hand against skin lots better.  Makes my butt feel so warm and tender.  And so very pink, which is my favorite color!

We could get naughty in our diapers and then when mommy catches us, she can spank us so good.  And then after she turns our back sides red, she will make us make sticky cummies for mommy.  We will squirt all over for mommy.  Like good little diaper babies.

Diapers are the best.  We can run around and play in them and not have to stop to go use the potty.  And they feel so good against our bodies.  Makes me squirm and wiggle because it feels so good rubbing against my little pussy.  I can’t help myself.  And mommy and daddy’s fingers touching me is more than my little pussy can handle and I squirt all over.

Another reason being a diaper baby is so great.  All messes are easy clean up.  Just take the diaper off and throw it away.  Clean up baby and start all over again.  Peepees, poopies and sticky cummies.  Diapers, baby wipes, and baby powder.  Easy as pie.  And almost as yummy.

And when mommy is busy, you can change my diaper and play with me.  Maybe even put your hard little peepee inside me.  Oohhh we definitely would make a mess then.  A noisy dripping mess.  And afterwards we will be ready to cuddle up and take a much needed nap.  All tuckered out from our naughty fun.

Baby Stacey likes all playtime and just loves having all sorts of fun.  Anything you want to try or do, I’m ready and willing.  And if you have a secret fantasy you want to experience, I would love to hear all about it and help you fulfill your naughtiest desires.  Anything and everything goes, nothing is off limits.

So pick up that phone and call me today, so we can play!  Don’t be shy, don’t be nervous, just enjoy yourself.  Here at phoneamommy, we try to make every call the absolute best.  Make all your dreams come true and make you want to come back for more.  And there are an endless number of mommies and diaper girls waiting to take care of you.

Baby Stacey


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