Mommy and Baby
July 15, 2018
Mommy Jackie’s New Littlespace Video!
July 16, 2018

Buddy was feeling fussy today, no matter what he tried all he could think of was throwing a massive tantrum and ripping his cute, patterned ABDL Stacey off of his powdered bottom. He was tired of being treated like a little baby, he was a big boy, after all! And it was about time his Mommy domme began to treat him as such, he thought. He knew she wouldn’t be home for a while, and he pulled his diaper off and ran to her computer to watch the most big boy thing he could think of, sexy mommy son porn clips. He played with his pee-pee, stroking it as he watched his naughty videos he tried his best to cum, but it felt like something was missing. He turned off the computer and crawled back to his room, knowing now that Mommy was right, he wasn’t a big boy at all, just a little diaper lover baby boy who would never grow up.


Mommy Jackie

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