Brenda Discovers Eric’s Diaper Secret! (Part 1)
January 21, 2023
A Good Use of That Squishy Diaper
January 27, 2023


(First part) ” And I get to change your diaper, too.” Eric opened his mouth as if to argue, but it closed again as his face blushed bright red. “I… are you sure?”

Brenda nodded with a smile and waved her hand at him to continue. Slowly, Eric moved his hands down to his sides, exposing his small erection to Brenda, who quickly grasped it between her thumb and forefinger. “I shouldn’t have called this a cock, Eric,” she said, squeezing it a little. “My pinky is bigger! It’s definitely a dicker, isn’t it? Jesus Christ, are you getting hard?” Eric nodded pitifully, his face taking on a mild purple tinge. “Is it because of me?” He nodded again before Brenda quickly pulled back her fingers. “Lord, look at you. You’re leaking custard all over my manicure.”

“I’m— “I’m so sorry, Brenda.”

“It’s all right,” she said, wiping her fingers on his folded pile of clothes. “You can’t help being that pathetic, can you?” “Sorry,” he repeated. “It’s fine; stop apologizing.” Brenda allowed, picking up the diaper from the caddy. “Get on the floor, on your back.” Once he obliged, she added, “Now, raise your legs for me.” She placed the diapers under his bare buttocks and said, “Now, spread.” And then she started to giggle when she saw his wiener once again. “I still can’t believe it’s that small,” she laughed, her fingers sliding against it now and then. “What can you possibly hope to do with that?”

“You’d be surprised,” he said weakly. “Maybe if you put it in your mouth—” That made Brenda laugh harder. “In my mouth? I wouldn’t even feel it in there; it’s so small. How many inches do you reckon?” Jim said nothing. “Come now, don’t tell me you haven’t put a ruler next to it before.”

“Two inches.”

“A full two inches?” Brenda raised an eyebrow at him, not quite believing him.

“Aah, no—no, it’s smaller than that—” he grunted before suddenly spurting thick globs of warm sperm to trickle down his small nub. Brenda didn’t even think about holding back her laughter. “Did you just cum?” Jim nodded. “Someone likes a bit of humiliation, don’t they?” she taunted, pulling the diaper up and over his crotch before pressing the tabs to the front.

“Maybe your little wee-wee should stay in diapers after all.”

“I’m sorry,” he said a third time. “I can’t help it.”

“Oh, I can tell, Eric. It doesn’t make you any less pathetic, does it?” All he could do was nod his head in agreement and blush a lot more as Brenda put his pants back on and helped him stand up.

“It looks like you’ll need extra help from now on, Eric.” Brenda slowly murmured as she rested her hand on his diaper. “We’ll keep this between us, and I’ll take care of you when you need it, okay?” Before he could respond, Brenda turned around and left Eric in the bathroom, and he couldn’t decide if he was more horrified than turned on.

Aunt Brenda


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