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July 17, 2022
jizzum on toes
Brenda’s Adult Baby Spills Jizzum On Her Toes
July 18, 2022

Princess Diapers For SissyBrenda Has An ABDL With A Fetish: My ABDL Mel has a fetish, and he loves every single bit of it. He loves so much to be treated like a baby, and the favorite part of our son and mommy roleplay is when I give him my boobies to suck. His fetish is to be breastfed and sung to while it is happening.

This breastfeeding fetish of his is more than what it seems; it is his source of life, his nourishment, his protein from mommy, and it makes him feel so good. Having his mouth open up and his lips wrap around my juicy areolas as he socks on them for dear life and also for comfort, makes both of us feel so good! I love making him feel so safe and secure, and the warmth of my soft and cushy breasts is what being an abdl baby is all about.

As I feed him from my tummy, I will sing songs to him gently, and he will smile while he suckles on my tummy as I sing gently to him. I will sing “Lullaby Baby, “Old Mac Donald, Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and Ring Around the Rosy. I love my little darling so much, and he loves me to the moon and back.

He knows that I am the mother that he needs in his life to make it one that is fulfilling, happy, and meaningful. As I sing to Mel, I will take my hand and place it inside of his diaper and gently fondle his penis. It feels so good to have my hand “under the hood” as I tickle, tease, and playfully torment my loyal and true adult baby diaper lover.

Sticky pre-cum would always leak out on my fingers when I fondled his balls and penis, and it felt so much like warm glue. I would take out my hand ever so often and I would make him taste himself, and he would smile but say that his penis dribble is not as sweet as breastfeeding on my mammary orbs.

With mom roleplay, this is always fun to hear because it is so good to be loved and appreciated for simply being yourself, and a sultry, warm, inviting, loving, and nurturing mommy is exactly who I am, and even when he acts up, I make sure to discipline him in love.

A slight spanking or two with my bare hand or a tap or a few with my hairbrush that I keep in my purse is all I need to do in order for Mel to get the clue to act correctly.

So, what about you? When was the last time that you got what was long overdue? Whether it be a nice pair of breasts to suck on or a sweet spanking on your buttocks as playful punishment for being naughty?

I think that it has been way too long, and the time is now for you to experience me the way that you ought to. It is time to give me a call so we can play and do things in a fun and sexy way. Click Here



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