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Aunt Brenda Takes Care of her Adult Babies!
December 31, 2022
Brenda Babysits Naughty Billy (Part 1)
December 31, 2022

abdl in a jungle diaper

Brenda heard her weedwhacker stop whirring in the yard and smiled at the timing as she put Eric’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on his plate. She daydreamed for a moment about when he would be waiting for her in his highchair, ready for mommy to bring him his lunch, but the sound of the back door opening had her grabbing the plate and a cold glass of milk to take to the kitchen table. It was the least she could do for all the help that Eric had been giving her since he moved in next door, and it certainly worked well to slip him an exceptional powder that would help make him more malleable and dependent on her. A baby should look to their mother first.
Eric came inside, sweaty and tired, and Brenda fussed around him for the moment, ushering him to the bathroom to wash the sweat off, telling him that he had worked too long outside. He shuffled off with a bashful and happy grin, coming back with clean hands and a fresh face to take his seat. A few weeks ago, he would have given her a funny look for feeding him pb&j (he still would have said thank you; her baby had manners), but now he made happy noises as Eric dug in and wiped his milk mustache off with his hand after he gulped half of it down. Brenda tutted at him and handed him the napkin already on the table, and he took it with a sweet giggle that wouldn’t have sounded odd coming from a small child.
The sound was perfect, and she felt a warm glow from seeing him so happy. She knew this course would be the best for him; he had been so unhappy! He had been so down in the dumps, and she had been blessed the first time she made him smile—the tiniest smile that hardly ever happens! With that sign that she was doing the right thing, she picked up the glass while running her fingers through his hair, smiling back at him before she turned to refill the milk. “Why don’t we go into the living room, dear? It looks like you might need a nap.” Eric opened his mouth to argue, but a giant yawn interrupted him. He snickered a bit. “I guess I am. Okay, nap time!” He jumps up quickly enough to startle Brenda and throws himself onto the couch. She motioned for him to rise, and he did so happily so that he could lay his head in her lap when she sat down. He rubbed his face against her leg with a happy sigh, and between Brenda’s fingers running through his hair and her hand rubbing against his back, he was out like a light. Brenda decided he was sleeping like a baby and had a little inner chuckle. He was going to be the perfect baby, and she was going to be the perfect ABD mommy!

Aunt Brenda


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