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Amanda Has Some Kinky Diaper Fun
November 1, 2022
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November 13, 2022

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Brenda Is A Naughty Mommy: Brenda crept under the covers to join her son, Greg. She stealthily pulled his pants, revealing his flaccid cock.

She had spent all week waiting for this moment, when she could bring fantasy to life.

Exactly one week ago, Greg had sent a message to announce his coming.Brenda had cleaned up his room and laundered his clothes just so he could breathe in crisp, fresh air when he returned.

But when she placed his neatly folded clothes in the top of his drawer, her fingers had brushed a notebook. It turned out to be a collection of incest stories and sexy photos of her. The stories revealed his fantasies about family porn.

He would give anything for her to worship his cock.  There was no way she could leave his wishes unfulfilled, not when she was also dying to fuck him.

She slid his pants further down his thighs, and then she grabbed his cock.

He woke up with a gasp. “OMG! Mom?”

The sheets rustled beneath him as he bolted upright.

“Don’t,” she said. “Don’t turn on the lights. Just lay down and let mommy worship this cock.”

Greg laid back down without a word.

Brenda tightened her grip on his cock, and then she crawled up toward his face. His cock quickly hardened, and then it started to throb in her firm grip.

“I saw your book,” she whispered, gently stroking his cock. “…the one where you wrote all of that dirty stuff.”

Her huge breasts dangled over his chest, occasionally brushing his skin.

“About how you wanted me to worship your cock.” She stroked his cock harder. “…and milk it with my tight, mature pussy.”

Greg whimpered into her ear, his voice as gruff as it had never been.

“Like some mommy-son porn on Brazzers. That’s what you want, huh?” With a soft giggle, she slid back down to his cock.

Once there, she parted her lips and took his cock in her mouth. She moved her head back and forth, her lips gliding along every inch of his cock until his shaft was wet and slimy.

Her hair whipped out around her face, and then she slowed down, just so she could dip the tip of her tongue into his dick. She flicked her tongue around, and at the same time, her fingers kept exploring his shaft and balls, working him close to an orgasm.

Just as his balls tightened up, she lifted up off of him, kissing and licking and biting her way up his body. “I worshipped your cock till it was hard and thick, dear. Now it’s time for the rest of that fantasy. And with that, Brenda sat down on him, her pussycat stretching out around him, squeezing him as tightly as she could. She hadn’t bounced on his cock more than a handful of times before he was moaning and covering the walls of her pussy with his thick cum. Brenda kissed him on the lips, her tits pressed against his chest.

“This is what you want.”

This wasn’t a question.

But he answered anyway. “Yes…”

And he kept saying yes, over and over again, as she rode him hard, pressing her hands against his chest and gyrating her hips, feeling his cock get hard again inside of her.

His voice thinned out and wobbled, and before Brenda could say anything else, he exploded inside of her for the second time.

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