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Mommy Amanda Gives Sissy Slut Training
March 6, 2022
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Brenda’s Diaper Lover Farrah Loves ABDL Stories
March 13, 2022

ABDL Mommy wearing a see through panty

Brenda’s ABDL Spreads His Cheeks: My ABDL needs to watch mom porn; specifically, mom porn sex is the family sex that is best for him. He knows to spread his cheeks willingly when he sees me enter the room; no unnecessary words need to be exchanged because once he sees me with my strap on, he knows that he must immediately assume the position.

Sometimes I will use lube, while other times I will use Vaseline; no matter what I choose, he knows that it is what he needs.

The asshole is a very sacred place for a male, and not every single person knows exactly how it ought to be treated. But when you are an experienced ABDL and you know what your diaper lover needs, then it is a “piece of cake” as to what will happen next.

A clean asshole that has been thoroughly washed and made free of all residue is the ideal asshole that will be penetrated by me when I put on my strap-on. Every single “oow” and “ahh” will let me know how much can be tolerated, and as I pump my plastic pole into the round and wrinkly anal raisin, I will celebrate the moment.

As I fuck you hard and then fuck you slowly, you will not protest when I reach around and grab you by your tiny penis. After all, what is yours is mine, and what is mine remains mine and no one else’s.

I may even be inclined to take a video of you for my own personal collection so I can enjoy a good show whenever the need arrives for me to pull it up on my phone.

If I have to drive somewhere, I will play it on my car’s speakers, and if inclined to, I will turn up the volume and lower the window so that passerby pedestrians will have full knowledge of the sounds of your moans.

I will make sure that you are on the passenger side of the car with me, and when strangers look your way, you will be instructed to let them know that you are the one squealing like a pregnant hyena giving birth in the wild.

I know that you will be embarrassed and very ashamed, and that is exactly how I want it to be. You will think as I say and do as I say in every single moment of every single day. I am in charge of your mind, body, and soul because I am your goddess, so make sure that you worship and please me as you are expected to do.

And when it is time for you to go to bed, don’t think that your “head,” which resembles a clitter, will be available for you to doodle with. I am the one that will decide whether or not you can play with yourself and if you are allowed to cum at all.

I am Brenda, and I make the rules that you must follow. Spankings are not uncommon if you disobey, so make sure that if you intend on sitting down comfortably, that you do what is expected of you.

And after I am finished, the best way for you to go to sleep is to be diapered in your favorite dinosaur diapers, and you will be tucked in by me so you will have pleasant dreams. Click Here



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