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Brenda’s Boss Has Secrets! (Part 2)
February 23, 2023
Mommy Candy Seduces you
Mommy Candy Seduces you
February 27, 2023

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(Second part)

Two weeks later.

Brenda waited outside Brad’s office after work on Friday evening, the monotonous ticking of the pendulum clock near the entryway progressively burrowing into her head and making her want to murder someone. Ideally, Brad’s new, obnoxious secretary, who always gave her a foul look when her phone chimed with a text message When it rang again, the text from her best friend, Carla, was all Brenda could do to keep from flipping the bird at the man.

[18:28] Carla: Hey, are you still at work?

[18:28]  Me: Duh…

Brenda rolled her eyes as she finished typing out her response. Nearly 30 minutes after she’d been summoned to Brad’s office, she still sat in the foyer. The head of the finance department was in with him, but Brenda had a sneaking suspicion that they were having a friendly chat about the most recent football game while she sat stewing. Brad was very adept at playing people off one another so that he got what he wanted, as she had come to learn firsthand. In this case, Brenda suspected he wanted to remind her who was in charge.

It was about 15 minutes later when the door swung open to reveal two men, both dressed in fine, iron-pressed suits. Once the thick head of finance departed, Brad beckoned for Brenda to join him in his office.

“Brenda,” Brad gestured as he settled into the ergonomic desk chair behind the table, “take a seat.”

Brenda crossed her arms under her pert bosom instead, hips cocked to the side. “I’ve been sitting long enough,” she said with bitter sarcasm. “Thank you very much,”

Brad sighed, tapping a brown folder on his desk before sliding it over. When Brenda flipped it open, she quickly realised that she was looking at a letter of promotion for the office of accounts supervisor—only one rank above her current status.

Brenda frowned at the letter. “What the hell is this?”

“It’s your letter of promotion,” said Brad nonchalantly.

“If I wanted a supervising role, I’d have applied for one,” Brenda said.

“Well, that’s the best I can do.” “I put you in for regional COO, but that’ll have to do until I hear back from headquarters.”

“Fine,” Brenda allowed, suddenly calm about the situation. “I guess I’ll just have to show these to headquarters, then,” she said, producing several hard copies of the pictures she’d downloaded from Brad’s MacBook some weeks ago and placing them on the desk’s surface. “Maybe they’ll get back to you much sooner, don’t you think?”

Brad swallowed visibly. “Brenda, I’m trying my best here.”

“Your best is not good enough,” said Brenda as she came around the desk. “What do you think will happen once your other employees discover their boss is a diaper-wearing little sissy baby?” She slid one hand down to undo his belt buckle and squeeze his puffed-up diapers. “How will you feel once everyone knows how you sound particularly loud when you are in a wet diaper? “I think that one with you in the lavender dress and the matching vibrator would get that point across.”

What do you think Brad will do? Come back soon for the fourth part and find out!

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