Amanda’s Therapist Turns Her Into An Abdl!
March 15, 2023
Brenda’s Boyfriend Turns into a Baby! (Part 2)
March 19, 2023

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Brenda couldn’t help but laugh as she watched her boyfriend, Simon, walk towards her in his Baby New Year costume. She had to admit; he looked pretty ridiculous with the giant diaper, baby booties, and bonnet. Simon’s Baby New Year costume was an over-the-top ensemble that immediately caught Brenda’s eye. The outfit’s centerpiece was a super thick, white diaper covering most of his lower body, complete with cartoonish depictions of baby animals printed all over it. On top of the diaper, Simon wore a bright red onesie with snaps up the front and a white collar that added to the overall babyish effect. The onesie had short sleeves and high-cut leg openings, allowing the diaper to peek from underneath. To complete the look, Simon wore matching baby booties with little pom-poms on the toes and a white bonnet with a red bow. The bonnet covered Simon’s hair, making him look even more like a baby.
Overall, the costume was a hilarious and exaggerated take on the concept of Baby New Year. Brenda couldn’t help but laugh as she took in every detail, from the cartoonish diaper to the oversized pacifier in Simon’s mouth. “You look like a giant baby!” she giggled, watching Simon struggle to walk in his bulky costume. Simon just grinned and popped the pacifier into his mouth. “Goo goo ga ga!” he said in a silly baby voice, making Brenda burst out in giggles. As they made their way to the kitchen to grab a bottle of champagne, Simon stumbled and nearly fell, his diapered bottom wobbling precariously. “Watch out, Baby New Year!” Brenda teased, steadying him with a hand on his back. Simon just giggled and babbled, his pacifier bouncing up and down as he tried to keep his balance. But as soon as he reached the kitchen, picked up the large adult baby bottle he had left on the counter, and popped the pacifier into his mouth, something strange happened. Simon’s body began to shrink rapidly, every step forward taking years off of him. Brenda felt like she was going crazy while she watched his legs and arms shrink so fast that it looked like they were getting pulled in somehow. The diaper, pacifier, bonnet, and baby booties shrank along with him until he was wobbling on his weak legs, looking like a two-year-old toddler. Brenda was in shock as she watched Simon age down before her eyes. What was happening?! Simon turned his head around to look back at her, his expression one of fear and confusion. His eyes turned glassy with tears, and he started to cry, and Brenda could hear how scared he was. As she reached out to pick him up, he completely lost his balance, his diapered bottom smacking against the floor, and then it was a slow slump sideways as if he couldn’t hold himself up anymore. Brenda got her hands around Simon before he fell completely, and in the few seconds it took to have him lying in her arms, he looked like a one-year-old baby. What do you think will happen now? Click right here to find out and call anytime to talk about your age regression fantasies!

Aunt Brenda


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