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Brenda’s Cheating Husband Turned to Silly Baby! (part 1)
January 2, 2023
Perfect for a Diaper
January 3, 2023

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(first part) “I’m sorry about this, Brenda.”

Brenda had never seen Dylan so sad and embarrassed as when she showed him the pictures. He turned pale and covered his face with his hand. However, Brenda wasn’t having any of it.
“I’m so going to make you rue the day you cheated on me.” She twisted her mouth in an ugly grimace, hell-bent on getting revenge.
Dylan crashed to the ground on his knees, the tears spilling from his face. Some part of her still didn’t want to see him upset, but her mind was set. One bad turn deserves another.
“Get up!”  She yelled at him, her anger overriding everything else for a moment.
“Now, you’re going to be a good baby and lie down on this sofa while I change your diapers. You understand?” Her husband nodded slowly, though with a puzzled look on his face. His face was drab and careworn, and he had a dull look that told Brenda he hadn’t any fight left in him again, not even to protest. He was indeed broken.
He stretched fully on the sofa, laying spread-eagled on it and with his legs wide apart.
Brenda grinned as she looked down at him and stated, “You have a small dick; it resembles a baby’s pinky.”Dylan looked frightened, small, and frail.
“Now, mummy has to change your diapers because you soiled the last one.” She held up her nose as she gently removed his shorts. “Hmmm, bad baby.” She held up her nose like she perceived a foul smell. “Baby wee wee,” Brenda smacked Dylan on his white butt, and he began to cry like a day old.
“Oh, no, mummy’s sorry, dear.” She began to pour talcum powder on his ass and private region and massage him softly. “Don’t worry, it’ll be okay, baby. Now smile for mama,” Brenda didn’t even try to hide her laughter. He was her silly baby now; she could laugh at him all she pleased.
“Agooogooo, gaga.”  The baby sounds were so natural from her husband that she was wiping tears from her eyes from the laughter, pointing derisively at him with a perfectly manicured finger.
She reached onto his sides to tickle him hard. Soon, her husband was rolling on the floor with laughter, wiggling his large, hairy legs about, and whimpering. He might try to sound as if he doesn’t like these diapers, but he certainly hasn’t made a fuss over them. Not even from the first day she decided to get him back through some of the most ridiculous attempts ever made.
Boom! She smelt the smell of scat seeping from the diapers she’d just worn.
“Now, baby boo, I’ve got your little slut’s contact number, and I’m going to call her to come along this minute.” Brenda took out her cell phone. “She’d be happy to see what a beautiful baby Dylan’s got, I’m sure. Isn’t that great?” She giggled.
Dylan, the baby, had the most horrified look on earth at that moment. Wouldn’t you?

Aunt Brenda


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