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December 5, 2021
Hot & Sexy Girl Fuck Herself

Amanda Loves To Masturbate

I just finished taking a nice hot shower and I am so fresh and clean, I wish that I could have the whole world experience what I have after a long days work. I am going to get on my bed and lay my head to the side and as I lay naked on the bed I start touching myself.  Why should I let this very private moment in my life go to waste when there is  perfect pretty pussy just craving and yearning for my pretty fingers to guide. I gently pass my hand over my breasts and then I move from my soft and creamy mounds to the hard as a rock nipples that stand erect and on top of my mammary glands.  I will pinch and squeeze my nipples over and over […]
November 7, 2021
Mommy's Diaper For Young Girl

When Vicky Hypnotizes Nicky All Shit Breaks Loose

When Vicky hypnotizes Nicky all shit breaks loose. She literally goes into a trance at the inception of a role-play setting focusing so much on her mommy Vicky’s voice as it is to mesmerizing.  As soon as she is told to take a squat and lift up one of her legs like a dog, she does it with no issue and out comes a stream of soft and runny shit that gets contained – somewhat – by her diaper. Mommy Vicky would then tease Nicky in a playful manner and put her boobs in her face. She would tell her to pick a boob and tell me which part she wants to suck.  Because Nicky is so greedy she asked mommy Vicky politely if she could suck both breasts as she loves the sweetness and […]
October 23, 2021

Mommy Amanda Wants To Be Fucked

I don’t have a problem telling you what I want, so in plain English I will tell you that I want to be thoroughly fucked.  Please climb into my bed my loving darling and carefully peel off my pretty padded diaper that I love to wear and take your sweet and hungry mouth and place your lips on my perfect pussy lips.  Lick them as if they were a strawberry flavored ice-cream on a hot Summer’s day and cool off the heat of my perky pussy with your stiff and rough tongue.  Devour my sweet sex with your hungry mouth as you suck my sweet pussy juices and try to drain my cunt dry.  The more you suck the more I will ask you to fuck as I want you to enter me for all […]
September 26, 2021

Playful Mommy Vicky Has Lots Of Toys

  I am playful Mommy Vicky and I have lot of toys, for both girls and also boys.  I like to play all day with my abdl babies, they are so much fun those sweet little babies.  I like to feed my sweet little ones, a bunch of milk and not cinnabons.  My sweet mommy milk is what you need to feel so full and also complete.  I will fill your belly til it is full. I will make you warmer than cotton or wool. Making you happy is what I want to do so just enjoy the pampering and coddling as you deserve it, you do. I am here to take care of you so stop worrying that you are weird or strange as that won’t do.  My sweet babies don’t be sad I […]
September 13, 2021
Mommy's Daughter Hot Masturbate

MILF Fucking Fun With My Twin ABDL Babies

  A stepmom like me loves to have mom phone sex with my adult baby diaper lovers.  It is important that as an abdl mom that knows how to make my babies happy.  There are so many ways that I do that. I want them to know that I love them. One of my favorite things to do with my baby is to get into a nice warm bath with them and I wash their parts. They are twin boys with everything the same – they have matching cocks and balls and even their tongues are the same length.  I love to take my hands and with the soapy bath water glide my hand around their cocks and balls and I get so excited when I feel their balls getting tight and their cocks getting […]
September 6, 2021
Adult Girl Sucking Nipple

Playful Mommy Vicky Enjoys Sexual Fun with her ABDLs

I thoroughly enjoy being a playful mommy that works independently at phone a mommy because this is more than a job for me it is a lifestyle.  I look forward every day to speaking with adult baby diaper lovers that are old and new. I feel that it is important to dibble and dabble in fun and sexy roleplay with my sissies and diaper lovers. Sexual phone fun is what we all need to get by everyday in our regular lives.  I mean who won’t want to sit on my lap while I sang you songs and gave you on of my breasts to suck while you played with the other one.  My nipples would be the little pleasure buttons that you will press to activate the motion of seeing them go from soft and […]
August 19, 2021
Mommy's Sexy Hot Look

Aunt Brenda The Sexy MILF (BLOG/VIDEO)

I am Aunt Brenda and I am a sexy MILF. Whatever you need, I will make sure that it is provided.  Whether you need and Auntie to take you by the hand and guide you or an Auntie to discipline you, the way I know that you need to be disciplined when you are bad – I will take are of it.  Don’t think that you will escape being naughty without being punished because nothing goes past my eyes.  I am sweet as can be when it is necessary, but that is not the only side that there is to me.  Treat me well and I will reward you with all the sweetness that will fill your heart to contentment. But if you show me your sour side, get ready to surrender that behind.  You […]
June 7, 2021
Sexy Hottest Girls talking Phone with her boyfriend

Tawny’s Teenage Tease

I don’t know why my stepson turns me on so much, he just does.  I have had to keep this side of me a secret for a very long time because his dad – my husband would lose his mind if he found out that I am more attracted to his son – my stepson, than him.  I mean, my husband is a sexy senior in his own right – he is tall, dark and handsome and has such an intellectual mind that we can chat for hours about any and everything. But, his son is the opposite in terns of conversation and his body is so youthful, tight and divine. He is such a specimen of beauty.  I just want to experience what it would be like to taste my stepson’s beautiful, tight and […]
May 10, 2021
Sexy Half Nude Girl and boy Having Sex at bedroom

A Plethora of Sexual Fun With My Sweet and Sexy Step Son

Let us have sweet abdl sex that is so sweet that it makes the sun take it’s sweet time to set and it depresses ever so slowly, and let us not stop for time even when the alarm goes off.  I want to give you my sweetness and also have you savor my salty essence and enjoy them both equally. If we make love today it will eventually trickle into tomorrow and all we have to do is close our eyes and we can let our naked bodies move to the sound of our breath as we go in and out and up and down with each other. I want to enjoy you like how I savor the sweet and brisk kiss of a scoop of ice-cream as it hits my tongue and I suck on […]