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December 11, 2021
Mommy's Sex With Her Daddy

Time For Fun

    You two have been such good Abies this year that mommy and daddy have a special treat for you.  We’ve seen how hard you have been working to behave and do as you’re told.  And it makes us very proud of our little ones.  So mommy and daddy have decided to give you both an early Christmas gift.  We think you will enjoy it very much. Mommy will give you yours and daddy will give sister hers.  We’ve seen how you look at each of us and the curious glances you give one another.  We discussed it at length and decided this gift was the best choice for all situations.  Mommy is so excited to start.  Time for some fun, for us all. Come with mommy sweet diaper boy.  A little mom fuck […]
December 4, 2021

Dirty Fun With Stacey

    Oops I made a mess in my diaper.  I need daddy to take care of me.  I call for daddy to come to me.  Daddy comes into my room and smells me immediately.  He crinkles his nose and I blush as I look away.  Daddy knows how excited I get when I make a dirty mess in my diaper.  Especially when it’s daddy who takes care of me and changes my stinky butt. I just love when daddy and I have poop sex.  It makes me so very wet to think of daddy spreading my dirty cheeks to put his cock inside my shitty asshole.  The feel of his mushroom head pushing into me gets me so turned on that my pussy is dripping.  I start moaning softly as daddy penetrates me deeper […]
November 6, 2021
Diaper Adult Fetish

Come Play With Stacey

    Hi I’m Baby Stacey and I like it all.  Would you like to come play with me?  I have an adult diaper fetish and I would love to be diapered and played with by you.  I am such a good girl, most of the time.  And for those times when I’m not, you can discipline me in any way you want. I just love abdl roleplay.  You can diaper me and I’ll diaper you also.  I can’t help myself, when I’m wearing a diaper, I have to use it for all potty messes.  From pee to poopy.  And diapers get me very excited as well, so I am constantly aroused and dripping in my diaper. I like playing with other diaper abies and being a good diaper girl for mommy.  But my all […]
October 3, 2021
Mommy's Daughter Shows Her Hot Diaper Look

Mommy And Daddy Love You Just The Way You Are

    There’s no reason to get upset and feel like you have to change who you are.  Mommy and daddy love you regardless.  So don’t feel bad for how you act or for what you like.  A little abdl counseling might help you come to terms with who you are and your direction in life.  Mommy will always love you and so will daddy. That diaper fetish you have is no big deal, I promise.  Mommy likes babying you and changing your dirty diapers.  It warms mommy’s heart to lay you down next to mommy and let you nurse from mommy when ever you are hungry or sleepy.  Mommy just loves her little adult babies. And daddy daughter little girl time is the sweetest thing ever for mommy to witness.  Daddy dotes on his […]
September 25, 2021
Adult Diaper Therapy

Some Much Needed Fun

    Are you in need of a little diaper therapy?  I just love diapers myself, and I bet you will too.  We could have a little play date and get back to the basics.  Mommy can strip us naked, lay us down and then put us in a cute snug diaper.  We can crawl around and play in the nursery and with our diapers on we don’t have to worry about anything.  Diapers are meant to be used. There’s nothing better than the feel of warm pee filling your diaper.  It feels so good when I peepee in my diapee.  Makes my whole body relax, all tension, all stress just seems to disappear with the flow of pee.  Talk about washing away the tediousness of adult life.  Ahhhhhh…. At the phoneamommy mom hotline, there […]
August 1, 2021
ABDL wearing Baby Dress with diaper

Happy Baby Through Forced Age Regression!

Jamie picked up his wooden blocks and started smacking them together, happily giggling at the noise. He did that a few times, then stretched his arms up a bit to put them on top of the block tower that he was building. It started to wobble, and he held his hands up in the air (as if that was going to help!) but the blocks started to tumble down, scattering across his lap and the carpet. This just made him giggle even harder and clap his hands in excitement! A few low chuckles came from across the room, and he looked over with a smile at his Auntie Brenda and her friend Jessica. They were smiling at him, and he got such a thrill out of it that he tipped himself back with a happy […]
May 3, 2021
unnamed 2

You Lend Me Yours And I Will Lend You Mine

I like to play fair, so every now and then I would play the game of you lend me yours and I will lend you mine. Now, this is not the typical game of borrowing sugar or salt from a neighbor.  This is a game of swap in which I lend you my submissive and you lend me yours.  I think that everyone should try that game every once in a while to keep things fresh and to spice things up.  It is good for all involved because it opens up a whole new world of experiencing someone new with someone that the dominant trusts.  This way, all of the rules and boundaries that should not be crossed are discussed beforehand to make sure that there are no misunderstandings and everyone involved are on the […]
April 29, 2021
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Lots Of Fun To Be Had

    Mmmm with fetish play the fun never ends.  Whether someone likes roleplay or gets to enjoy their play in real life, the fun and excitement has no limits or boundaries.  Nothing is taboo at phoneamommy. There are so many turn-ons out there and Mommy Candy loves to hear about each and every one.  Mommy will play with you and we both can cum over and over.  And mommy is a squirter, so we will definitely get wet and sticky. With ABDL play, mommy just loves diapering little bottoms.  And a full diaper is the best.  Adult babies and diaper lovers are always fun to play with.  A squishy soggy diaper makes for lots of fun for mommy.  Mommy just loves to poke and squeeze a diapered baby.  And to watch you squirm as […]
April 26, 2021
Naked Hot And Sexy Girl showing her nude boobs and pussy

DDLG Daisy Goes Crazy

Ddlg Daisy has been losing her mind lately because her sexual energy was pent up for months!  It was a part of the discipline that she was given from her dominant and she had to obey.  Prior to that, she has a sexual addiction and it got in the way of her life.  She was oversexed as she could not eat sleep, breathe or drink without having sex.  It had become a problem.  She was late for interviews, missed funerals and weddings all because she wanted to “buss her nut.” It was a force that was totally taking control of her life where it was like it was a possessive spirit.  Her dominant decided that it was time to get rid of the hold that her sexual addiction had over her and he put her […]