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May 9, 2023

Shame On You!

    Mommy was curious what you were up to in the other room, so mommy quietly peeked in and caught you playing with yourself in your diaper without permission.  Bad girl!  You know better than that.  Mommy told you what would happen if you disobeyed mommy. Now mommy has to teach you a lesson for being a naughty girl.  You wanted to play so bad that you couldn’t wait for mommy.  Mommy is going to tease you to the edge over and over.  Your diaper is going to be soaked with your pussy juices as you beg mommy to let you orgasm. Mommy loves to hear the buzzing of the vibrator mommy holds to your diapered pussy.  Especially when it’s mixed with the muffled moans slipping past your pacifier gag.  Mommy knows how excited […]
May 8, 2023

Mommy Candy Wants To Fuck You

    Mommy has been thinking about nothing else then fucking you like a little bitch.  Mommy has the perfect cock just for your tight little asshole.  A nice thick strap-on to penetrate you with as mommy strokes and jerks your throbbing dick.  Mommy will lay you back and slide between your cheeks, wrapping a tight fist around your hard cock. With each pump of mommy’s hips, mommy will slide her hand up and down the length of your dick from balls to tip.  Mommy loves to hear you moan like a whore as mommy fucks you hard and fast.  Your gasps and groans as you whimper and beg for more are music to mommy’s ears. Mommy pulls from your gaping hols and tells you to get on your hands and knees.  Then mommy grasps […]
March 21, 2023

Diaper Back Pose

Diaper Back Pose: My name is Nanny London, and I am the most sensuous babysitter around. With my beautiful body, exotic features, authoritative demeanor, and intimidating stare, I have the power to make you timid and quiver inside your diaper. My dirty attitude will make you want me with a blazing intensity while you visualize all the naughty and forbidden things I will do to you while you are under my care. Remember, when your parents are away, I will make sure that it is time for me and you to play—my way. I am the type of nanny that will make you swelter with absolute delight while I fulfill your every need. If you have never screeched before, you will know when we indulge in forbidden fantasies. It is exhilarating to do bad things […]
March 20, 2023

Mommy Amanda Loves Her Diaper Babies

Mommy Amanda Loves Her Diaper Babies: There are so many reasons my diaper babies choose to wear their diapers, and I love them all, no matter what. Some of my diaper lovers are full-time diaper babies, and some are part-time. Some of my diaper babies wear them because they love them and they make them feel safe, comfy, and secure, and some of them wear them because they can’t seem to make it to the bathroom on time or they just don’t want to. Some of my diaper-loving babies are proud diaper lovers, and they are in love with the diaper-loving lifestyle. Some of my diaper-loving babies really like having their own special diaper-loving secret that no one else even knows about except me and them. Some of my diaper-loving babies are totally embarrassed about […]
March 20, 2023

Mommy Amanda’s Play Day

Mommy Amanda’s Play Day: All of Mommy Amanda’s little diaper-loving babies get excited every week when it’s time to go over to her house for Mommy Amanda’s Play Day. It’s the day of the week that every little diaper baby is looking forward to, because there’s nothing more fun and exciting than going over to Mommy Amanda’s house. All the little diaper babies get dressed in their best diapers and their cutest onesies and tutus and other costumes and clothes, and they head on over for a full day of diaper baby fun! As soon as you pull up to Mommy Amanda’s big, pretty house, it’s obvious that there’s going to be tons of diaper baby fun. The front porch and front steps are all decorated with pretty colorful rainbow balloons, and there are unicorns, […]
March 15, 2023

Amanda’s Therapist Turns Her Into An Abdl!

Amanda’s Therapist Turns Her Into An Abdl!: I fell deeply in love with this guy. I know most of you will say I am stupid to fall for a guy’s words easily, but I don’t care. I am here to share what I went through and how I recovered from it. I would break down at night and cry all my pain out with my mouth covered so that no one could hear me because I thought I wasn’t enough. I had a lot of insecurities—my body weight and my acne were my greatest insecurities. I couldn’t meet my parents expectations, and that broke me more than the fact that they always found faults in everything I did, making it worse until I couldn’t take it anymore. I would wait for everyone to fall asleep, […]
March 12, 2023

Tell Mommy All About It

    Mommy wants to know all your secrets and fantasies.  Come crawl into mommy’s lap and tell mommy all about it.  Tell mommy what gets you excited and turned on.  And then let mommy make all your fantasies come true.  Mommy Candy loves all fetishes, nothing is taboo or off limits when it comes to having fun. And while you’re in mommy’s lap telling mommy your darkest desires, mommy will be rubbing you and making you feel so good.  Getting you all worked up and burning with a need to explode for mommy.  That pent up orgasm needing release.  And mommy will help you with it all. Mommy’s hands will roam all over your trembling body, watching as your body arches and listening to the moans that escape from your parted lips.  Mommy loves […]
February 20, 2023

Diapered For Mommy’s Pleasure

    Mommy just loves to diaper adult babies.  First Mommy Candy will strip you of all your big boy clothes.  Then mommy will lay your naked body down and start to slowly lather you up with baby lotion.  You giggle as mommy slides her cool hands over your writhing body. Mommy smiles down at you as you wiggle around.  Mommy spreads your legs and bends your knees as she tells you what a good baby you are.  Mommy tickles you, making you laugh.  Oh oh, mommy better stops before someone pees all over.  We have to wait until that diaper is in place. After lifting your legs into the air by your ankles, mommy slides a soft thick diaper under your elevated bottom.  Then mommy sprinkles baby powder on your little butt and around […]
February 13, 2023

Mommy Catches You

    Someone thought they were being a sneaky little one.  When mommy wasn’t looking, you took off your diaper.  Not only that but you just couldn’t keep your hands off your peepee and now you have made it hard and throbbing.  Mommy should punish you for being a bad boy. Instead, mommy is going to watch you as you continue touching yourself and your hard peepee.  Now you’re not allowed to stop, mommy wants to see you make a big sticky mess.  Mommy wants to see you explode and cum all over.  Show mommy how good it feels to rub your peepee and balls while mommy watches. Mommy watches as pre-cum starts to dribble out the tip and down the sides of your twitching peepee.  Soon your hands and fingers are slick and sticky.  […]