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May 17, 2021
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Don’t Be Afraid Of ABDL Hypnosis With Step Mommy Tawny

Don’t be afraid of abdl hypnosis is what I told my sexy step son prior to me devouring him to do with him as I please. He discovered that I could help him break loose of his sexual fears and I am the one that could do it.  He was on his back on his bed in his room and I started to rub his chest in order to relax him and make him comfortable.  Every time that I rubbed him I would make sure that he lowered his defenses. I leaned over and kissed his face with my soft lips and whispered to him, “Step mommy Tawny is here to make you feel good, just the way a step mommy should.” He would wait until I was finished saying it to him and he […]
May 10, 2021
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A Plethora of Sexual Fun With My Sweet and Sexy Step Son

Let us have sweet abdl sex that is so sweet that it makes the sun take it’s sweet time to set and it depresses ever so slowly, and let us not stop for time even when the alarm goes off.  I want to give you my sweetness and also have you savor my salty essence and enjoy them both equally. If we make love today it will eventually trickle into tomorrow and all we have to do is close our eyes and we can let our naked bodies move to the sound of our breath as we go in and out and up and down with each other. I want to enjoy you like how I savor the sweet and brisk kiss of a scoop of ice-cream as it hits my tongue and I suck on […]
May 3, 2021
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Dessert Topped Desiree

Chocolate and whipped cream along with strawberries is what my abdl girl, Desiree had on her body. I decorated her with it and told her that she was going to be my little submissive muse.  I enjoy placing food items on her because she has a delicious body and eating things off of her body is one of my most favorite past times. I enjoy taking my time to explore her tits with my tongue and make miniature circles around each areola.  She tends to be so ticklish there that she usually twitches and squirms every time I savor her delicious body.  I took a strawberry in my mouth and placed it in hers and she bit the tip off and chewed it off. Then I ate the remainder of the strawberry that was in […]
April 26, 2021
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A Tantalizing Time With Tawny

My hot boyfriend wanted me badly and he just could not wait. He raced home from work to get home in time to roleplay with me.  After I finished my last phoneamommy call for the night it was time to play house with Daddy.  I went to the master bathroom and got dressed up like a cheerleader and then I came out and entered the bedroom where my eager boyfriend waited. He was looking forward to having a tantalizing time with me as it was what made his day.  He made me get on my knees and told he told me that I was a naughty cheerleader and I  needed to be thoroughly punished.  He took out his delicious and meaty cock and pressed it up against my soft lips.  He wanted me to suck […]
April 26, 2021
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DDLG Daisy Goes Crazy

Ddlg Daisy has been losing her mind lately because her sexual energy was pent up for months!  It was a part of the discipline that she was given from her dominant and she had to obey.  Prior to that, she has a sexual addiction and it got in the way of her life.  She was oversexed as she could not eat sleep, breathe or drink without having sex.  It had become a problem.  She was late for interviews, missed funerals and weddings all because she wanted to “buss her nut.” It was a force that was totally taking control of her life where it was like it was a possessive spirit.  Her dominant decided that it was time to get rid of the hold that her sexual addiction had over her and he put her […]
April 19, 2021
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Finger Fucking Sasha’s Mature Trimmed And Hairy Dripping Wet Cunt

I remember working part time for Sasha when I was a teenager and she was always a bitch.  The worst manager that anyone could ask for.  If I was a minute late I was docked for 30 minutes.  If my salad for lunch had onions in it and the smell irritated her, it was a problem.  And if my skirt did not quite make it to the length of my knee, it was as if I just committed a murder, in her opinion.  She was just difficult and a bitch for no apparent reason. As time passed, I moved on to other things in my career and as I grew older, I felt the need to be the one doing the dominating. So, it was such a pleasure when I decided to become a Mistress […]
April 12, 2021
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Let’s have a shitload of fun with scat play

I really do enjoy a lot of the calls that I get and I must admit that there is something special and unique about the scat phone sex calls that I get.  Another word for scat is Coprophilia and some even refer to it is scatophilia as well and it is an art form that has been around for a very long time – it goes all the way back to Ancient Greek history. There are a lot of fancy white coats that would try to paint scatophilia in a negative light.  Some may refer to it as a mental illness or a sexual dysfunction, but it is neither of these things.  Always remember that when you are in a society, whatever the majority of that particular society does will be considered normal and whatever the […]
April 5, 2021
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Tawny’s Titties Tease Timmy

Ahhh, I feel so fresh and clean as I exit the shower and I cannot wait to slip into my see through nightgown in order to tease my step son Timmy.  I have caught him staring at my breasts for a while now and tonight is when I plan to convert that staring into actual action.  I don’t know if he even realizes that he stares at them when I have them standing up and perky at attention when I purposely go without wearing a bra around the house. I have even purposely brushed up against his arm when he was not aware that I was attempting to seduce him but I did here the shiver when he realized that it was my erect nipple and breasts that would rub up against any part of […]
April 5, 2021
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Fuck Phone Sex With Sister and Her Boyfriend

My sister had been a dancer of the exotic kind for a few years.  My old fashioned family shunned her because they claimed that she strayed away from the path that she was supposed to be on and just rebelled. I know that this has bothered her for a while so tonight I decided that I was going to invite her to come over and see me after she finished work and she did.  She took a taxi straight from work and she showed up at my door wearing a trench coat. When I saw her I chuckled and told her that she was dressed like the typical creepy old guy in the park that is usually naked underneath while waiting to flash unsuspecting strangers.  She laughed and then she told me that it is […]