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March 29, 2021
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Spying on my Son and his Girlfriend

I put some hidden cameras around the house and I kissed my son goodbye and went to work.  He has been so secretive lately and he does not talk to me anymore about the things that he should.  I am his mommy and I am supposed to be his best friend, but ever since his body started going through changes it seems like he has been hiding things from me.  Not to worry is what I thought to myself because I know that if I want to find out something, I just have to it in secret and behind his back. So, this is where the hidden cameras idea came to me.  I saw a commercial on my social media account’s timeline and there was a company that was selling hidden cameras and they were […]
March 29, 2021
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ABDL Angie

ABDL Angie has a diaper fetish that surpasses many other adult baby diaper lovers.  She really loves her diapers so much that she really gets involved with them in the creative of ways.  She loves to take her colorful Crayola markers and color her diapers.  Sometimes she colors little hearts on them and sometimes she colors her diapers with stars, triangles, circles and squares. Then she would use creative beads to decorate her diapers and really customize every single one of them. Then after she decorated the diapers the way that she wanted and she would use a nice little baby powder body spray on the outside to make the baby scent on it be enhanced. This is when I would take one of the beautifully decorated diapers and get her ready to be diapered. […]
March 28, 2021
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Forced Through Hypnosis To Be Aunt Brenda’s Baby

“Sweetie, sugar pie, my favorite nephew, I’ve got the best news for you!” Michael looked up from his book to see his Aunt Brenda walk into the living room with a bounce in her step and a smile from ear to ear. He tensed up, something in her expression telling him that he probably wasn’t going to like whatever she was about to tell him.  She didn’t wait for him to ask what she meant, so thrilled that she just kept steamrolling forward. “I found out today that our neighbor’s oldest girl, Vicky, you know, the senior in high school, is taking a few babysitting jobs to get a little money in her pocket. I asked her if she would be able to watch you for me, and not only did she say yes, but […]
March 22, 2021
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ABDL Room 605

ABDL Room 605 is that way, is what the hotel attendant said to me as he gave me the room key that was at the front desk. I thanked him and continued walking to the room looking forward to what was going to happen next. As I approached the door, all sorts of naughty thoughts went through my head. I am an abdl mommy and I wanted to explore a few things with my adult baby diaper lover in a wonderful hotel setting. As I opened the door I saw him on the floor on his hands and knees as we discussed prior when we had an abdl chat. That was when I discussed with him exactly how I wanted him to set up the scene for my arrival and he did just that. I […]
March 22, 2021
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Jay Enjoyed His Shit – My Way

Jay and I have been talking for a while about all of the kinky fantasies that he wanted us to try out together and the arousal has been building up for a long time now. He knows that when we play it is limitless and as his abdl mommy we can do whatever I say we can do. He was just getting over a divorce when he came to me, we initially met on the phone sex line and we dabbled in abdl chat to get to know one another better.  He was new to the world of abdl and he wanted the work up the courage to explore everything that he could and that is when I told him that abdl hypnosis will be a great way to start. Before we delved into a […]
March 20, 2021
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Brenda’s Baby Bartholomew

I am fondly reminiscing about a fun time that I had when I role-played with my adult baby diaper lover name Bartholomew.  He was really a special kind of abdl baby because he always told me that no matter what I told him to do, without question – he would gladly do it.  I have had instances in the past where I was on the phone speaking to other abdls and they tried to challenge me when it came down to incest chat, but with Bartholomew – I did not have that issue. When someone is a submissive it is an honor to both the top and the bottom.  The reason being, is because you as a top is the one that is responsible for your bottom and you always must have their best interests […]
March 15, 2021
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Hide and Seek Fun With My Sexy Stepson

My stepson wanted to feel young again because he said that it was a long time since I played with him and he feels that we have somehow distanced ourselves from each other. I told him that in life with business, family responsibilities and other things it is something that can happen to the best of us.  He thought that it would be fun if we did something that was totally not the norm for us and he said that we should play a game of hide and seek. I laughed because it was a long time ago that I played this game with him as he was so young at the time and now that he was 20 years old, I thought that it was a great idea and that it could bring back […]
March 7, 2021
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Aunt Brenda Turns A Boy Into A Baby!

Jimmy slowly started waking up, realizing that something felt off, and wiggled around to try to find that sweet spot so that he could go back to sleep. He tried not to think about it too hard, but it felt like he really didn’t want to remember what was wrong… “Oh, wakey wakey! Did you have a good nap, dear? I checked in on you a few times, but you were knocked out and drooling every time. ‘Slept like a baby’ isn’t just a saying for you anymore, now is it? Who knew that age regression was so good!” His eyes snapped open to see his Aunt Brenda’s smiling face over him, her arms resting on top if the railing for his…crib? That is when everything came back to him, the fudge brownies that she […]
February 28, 2021
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Aunt Brenda’s Dirtiest Babies!

I would say that it’s fairly well-known that babies of all sizes, from the littlest to the biggest, can get more than a bit messy at times. Adult babies can get to be worse than others when it comes to messes, though, that is for sure! Little babies make messes because they don’t know any better, while adult babies make them even though they are being naughty. The misbehaving, mess-making babies enjoy being bad babies, even though they know that a spanking is usually going to follow their dirty fun. But did you know that there are some that like to go that extra mile, that like to get even filthier than most babies? Covering themselves with permanent marker or deciding to dig in all the house plant containers for treasure is not enough for […]