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October 19, 2020
Doctor Sucked The Boy Dick in the nude

Mommy Scarlet’s Sadistic and Intrusive Medical Exam

  It’s time for an inspection of your pathetic genitals, as it has been a long time since ABDL Stacey Scarlet was able to check everything.  As you know, you need to disrobe and get on top of the medical hospital bed. After you’ve climbed on top of the bed on your back, you will place your legs in the butterfly straps and remain spread-eagled for Mommy.  I turned on a lamp in addition to the room light in order for see everything nice and clear. My my my, what a sight? Mommy is staring at your cock and balls in her face with a bright light on and Mommy is able to see every single crevice, wrinkle and pimple.  First Mommy is going to grab your smooth and shaved testicles and massage them in […]
October 17, 2020
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Sissification by Stepmommy Tawny

Get up on your feet, you naughty little baby! Just what do you think that you are doing while stepmommy was out, hm? Now I know that you know better than to color all over the walls and play in your poopy stinky diaper when I am not around! My rules are strict and the punishments for breaking my rules are severe, and you should know better than to think that you can get away with something like this! Now, I would apologize in advance for the punishment that you are about to receive, but truth be told, I am soo very excited to get my hands on you! You have been sneaky and quick enough to avoid me when I have been around and have seen the trouble that you had gotten into when […]
October 17, 2020
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Soft and Sweet Sex With Mommy

Being an abdl mommy like me is one of the most rewarding and amazing jobs and experiences that someone could ever hope to have. Getting to know your babies and realizing just how many different types and personalities that each and every one of your little ones have is such a wonderful part of the bonding process. This week, I really want to take the time to focus on the sweet and soft little babies that I get to take care of. Although every mommy has their babies who are much more naughty and misbehaved than many of her other babies, we love them all just the same and know that we must cater and change our styles of discipline and parenting based on the needs and desires of our little ones. For example, while […]
October 16, 2020
Hottest Sexy Girl wearing the diaper with standing pose

Mommy Plays With Teenage Diaper Girls

Hi again my sweet little ones! This mommy has been very busy this week tending to all of the unique needs of my adult baby diaper lover cuties! Day to day, I usually know what sort of things that my day will entail, but there are times when life throws me a nice little surprise to spice up my day, and that is just what happened to me a few days ago… I had gotten out of bed that morning with a strange flutter in my stomach, and I had a weird feeling that it was going to be one of those special surprise days! I love when I have that feeling… It gives me such hope and optimism for the hours ahead! I practically skipped to the kitchen with those butterflies flapping away in […]
October 14, 2020

You Will Be In Restraints So You Won’t Touch Your Itty Bitty Cock

  You are forbidden from touching your little itty bitty baby cock.  You did not follow my instructions and you played with it and came multiple times inside of your diaper without my permission.  So, instead of just a wet diaper soaked with piss and shit, you also have a collection of various wads of cum inside of your diapers.  So, to make sure that you don’t touch yourself anymore I am going to make sure to restrain you in order for you to keep your hands away from your sticky pee pee.  In addition to having your hands tied you are going to make sure to service me with whatever you are able to use to make your ABDL Stacey happy.  My feet are tired and you will have to be my footrest, so […]
October 13, 2020
adult baby ageplay incontinence

A Little Encouragement To Have Some Accidents

I’ve been rather mean to one of my nephews lately. He’s twenty-two, attractive, and he knows it. Cocky, arrogant, pick any synonym… He’s a bit of an asshole, to be honest, and could certainly be taken down a peg or two. That’s why I offered for him to come to my house after he’d had a night out, my house is levels better than the dorms and gave him a one last drink for the night. One last drink that had a crushed water pill mixed in it. If he’s been a bit more sober what happened once the pill kicked in would have been more than a bit odd, but he was more than three sheets to the wind, so pissing on himself in a drunken stupor wasn’t that surprising. I let him know […]
October 13, 2020

Deflowering Devan

Dommy Mommy Scarlet has a new adult baby diaper lover named Devan, who just happens to be both an introvert and a virgin! Coming from a very strict and religious background, he could not wait to escape to a big city to finally live out his life the way that he always imagined. After connecting with me, he decided that it was time to take his life in the direction that will lead to his ultimate happiness. He is a natural submissive but he will need direction, mentoring and training. Today, he will learn the art of obedience. All questions posed to him will be followed by a yes ma’am or no ma’am and at times yes mommy or yes mistress. A safe word will be established in the event that he feels his health […]
October 12, 2020

Call Your Mommy Now

October 11, 2020
Mommy's scold her Daughter and Girl Sitting in nude

Need a Strict Stepmommy to Keep You in Line?

Lately I have been seeing a surge of some very, very naughty little babies and it has got me frustrated to no end! There are far too many bad abdl cuties out there who are causing a whole world of trouble and extra nonsense for their mommies and stepmommies to have to deal with! A mature milf like me has lived too long and has put up with enough trouble makers to know that anyone can be turned around if they are simply put with the right person for the job! All of you trouble making babies out there can stop your search for a mommy who is ready and skilled enough to take care of you and keep you in line. Strict punishment and rules, as well as humiliation tactics and public torture are […]