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January 13, 2020
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Teaching an ABDL to Potty

Some ABDL Mommies seem to have a very strong rule that no adult baby under their care will ever be permitted or taught to use the big people potty. In fact, many mommies that I know even take the time to untrain their little ones from any previous knowledge about using the big potty that they may have had before they ended up in their care. This to me can be very effective at keeping and exercising complete and total control over the babies that you get to care for. However, sometimes it can be just so very fulfilling and even fun to use your knowledge as a mommy to teach those little ones how to use the big potty. For me, only the very best behaved little cuties can ever have a hope at […]
January 8, 2020
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Diaper Masturbation Phone Sex

An adult baby learning how to use their teeny tiny little pee pee is a bittersweet experience! On the one hand, they are finally being given permission to touch that little thing between their legs that gets all excited when their ABDL Mommy starts to wipe them down after messing their diaper, or applying that nice soft baby powder to their little bums. How many diaper changes have they had to go through before this point in which they were sent wriggling and whining all over the changing table because their little peeny was going nuts over Mommy’s soft touches and words? Now, finally they get the chance to play with it and see just what happens when they give their tiny pecker some attention. Of course, this is a crucial time in any ABDL’s […]
January 6, 2020
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There are plenty of fine kinks to be explored and enjoyed in this world, but perhaps two of my favorites are BDSM and taking care of ABDL little ones. I got to thinking about just how much fun it would be to combine the two into one fantastic fetish and see where things go! I had one diaper sissy who was bold enough to offer himself up as a guinea pig to my madness, and I began to prepare us a space to find out just where this venture would take us. I invited my baby into the playroom the next day, and you should have seen his face light up with a mix of emotions as he looked around at the new surroundings he faced. I had plenty of toys and attire waiting for […]
December 29, 2019
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The Cutest Accessories for ABDLs

There are just so many adorable accessories and things for an adult baby out there that when I go shopping, I end up with an overflowing cart before I know it! I just can’t help it though when I get to seeing all of the adorable clothes and baby bottles and things on the shelves. My nursery has always been so lively and colorful. I want it to give a feeling of calm and welcoming any time an ABDL cutie walks onto its soft bright carpet. I always go into these stores with the intention of getting only the few things that I need and nothing else, but I always find myself heading towards the baby section of the store, and that is where I always lose all self control. I ooh and aah over […]
December 29, 2019
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Show Me Those Diapers!

Every adult baby and ABDL Mommy has their own favorite type of diapers to use. This week, I am so curious to hear about and see the adorable choices you ABDL cuties have picked out! XOXO, Candy 1-888-430-2010
December 8, 2019
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A Mommy to Dominate You

So many adult babies like to try to act like they are so big and tough. They will try to run away from stinky diaper changes, and they will fling their food off of their high chair tray before you can open your mouth to say no! These naughty little babies are going to find themselves experiencing quite a rude awakening when they see that this ABDL Mommy is not playing around! Complete and total domination lie in wait for those little ones who choose to act up despite warnings and spankings. Or maybe it is one of those sweet, submissive little sissies who so desperately need to be cared for by a dominating mommy who is not afraid to dole out strict punishment when necessary. Whatever the reason is for their need to be […]
December 2, 2019
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Smelling Messy Diapers in Public

Sometimes when I am out shopping for some new adult baby clothes or toys, or when I find myself in the grocery store, I will be walking around minding my own business and suddenly catch a strong whiff of something terribly stinky and all too familiar… This ABDL Mommy has a nose that is used to seeking out even the most discreet of babies when they have big poopy accidents. After I smell it, I always take a moment or two to glance all around me, using my Mommy eyes to diligently scan my surroundings to find the source of that smell. It never takes too long to find the nervous, blushing ABDL shuffling from foot to foot as they attempt to mask the truth of what lies inside of that thick, saggy diaper. When […]
November 24, 2019

What Kind of ABDL Are You?

Hmm…Been curious? Check out this video just for ABDL cuties to learn what type of adult baby tendencies they have. This ABDL Mommy will help you give it some thought! XOXO, Candy 1-888-430-2010 Come chat with the phone sex mommies! #abdl #adultbaby #abdlmommy
November 17, 2019
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ABDL Mommy AND Daddy?!

More often than not, I see these amazing adult baby mommies doing everything that they possibly can to make sure that their little sweeties are properly taken care of. Once in a while you might see an ABDL Daddy who knows what to do, but it is a rare occurrence! What I think would be just fabulous is if I could find a proper Daddy to teach how these diaper sissies need to be cared for! Imagine just how much fun it would be for me and for my babies if we had a strong, handsome Daddy around to help me get things done! Of course, getting him properly taught how to care for these precocious littles will take some time, but I am patient and the thought of getting to share my knowledge of […]