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August 14, 2015
A Milky Breast which pumps milk from the nipples

Surprise Surprise

It is well known to most that I love the ABDL community. I also, though love normal aged babies and sometimes take on regular babysitting gigs. Last Thursday, though, I arrived at what I thought was a “normal” babysitting gig only to find that little Jamie wasn’t 2 years old but a wonderful adult baby. His mother instructed him to behave and told me she would return in a couple hours. Now, baby Jamie was a strapping and sweet looking boy, but when his mother walked out the door his bottom lip stuck out and began to tremble. I hate when babies cry and gathered him up to sit in my lap. I rocked him back and forth, patting his bare back and whispering sweet words to him. He quieted down and started sucking his thumb, eyeing my […]
July 23, 2015
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Seeking ABDL to Nurture!

Hiya, babies! Mommy Barb here, hoping for a sweet ABDL to spoil and coddle. I am a mommy, and mommies need to have babies to love and take care of. I have a nursery all set up with all the toys and things that a baby could ever need! We can spend all day playing together and having a good time in the nursery. When your baby diaper needs changing, mommy will have you powdered and feeling fresh and clean again in no time! Whether you like disposable diapers, plastic pants, or cloth diapers with nice shiny diaper pins in them, you can be sure that mommy has them all ready for you when you get here! Feeling sleepy? Let me hold you while we rock you to sleep. Hungry? Let’s arrange a breastfeeding session […]
May 17, 2015

Special Time With Mommy Tawny Phone Sex

Special time with Mommy Tawny Phone Sex can be fun and exciting.  I am a new Mommy here and I hope to spend special times with each and every one of you.  I love to teach the young,innocent men things they have never experienced before.  I am a step mommy and I do know how to treat my little ones right.  Does my ABDL need a diaper change?  Cum over here and let me change that messy diaper and use my special warm wipes to clean it all up.  Mommy Tawny also gives lots and lots of spankings to those bad ABDL’s. I will put you over my knee and give you a good old fashion spanking on your bare ass.  I like to use my hand so I can make it more meaningful.  When […]
September 9, 2013


If I had a dime for every guy who has asked me about balloon fetish phone sex I’d be one rich bitch. A lot of people aren’t familiar with it but trust me it’s way more popular than you think. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s when a guy gets off to masturbating with a balloon. Whether he likes to rub it on his dick or blow it all the way up and have it pop on his balls. It’s so hot right when they’re about to cum and you can hear them moaning and the balloon popping in the background. Some of my callers have me play with one too. I’ll rub it all over my tits and the squeaking sound it makes against my skin really drives them […]
September 15, 2009

daddies like babysitters too!

well i know how much abies love me but i never really thought about the way the “daddies” love me too!? i mean that always are soo, thanks for doing this for me, thanks for watching him for me, do you need a ride home…the nicest was IT LATE WHY DONT YOU STAY THE NIGHT…thats where it all began! I figured i needed to call my parents first but he took care of that too..what a nice man! So i told him “well if they said i could, well i guess i can.” lol…his little boy was already alseep and i was getting close to going to bed myself when i thought i would go take a shower first, cause he gave me towels and everything and showed me where everything as so i […]
August 18, 2009

Nite Nite

Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Nod, one night sailed off in a wooden shoe; Sailed off on a river of crystal light into a sea of dew. “Where are you going and what do you wish?” the old moon asked the three. “We’ve come to fish for the herring fish that live in this beautiful sea. Nets of silver and gold have we,” said Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Nod. The old moon laughed and sang a song as they rocked in the wooden shoe. And the wind that sped them all night long ruffled the waves of dew. Now the little stars are the herring fish that live in that beautiful sea; “Cast your nets wherever you wish never afraid are we!” So cried the stars to the fishermen three – Winkin’, and Blinkin’, and Nod. So all […]
August 12, 2009

Mommy’s Panty Drawer

I know what you’ve been doing – you’ve been in mommy’s panty drawer again, haven’t you? Don’t try and deny it, I found my panties hidden in your room. I bet if I checked right now, I’d find you wearing a pair of my best satiny panties, wouldn’t I? Humph, just what I thought! It’s over my knee time young man, for the spanking of your life. What’s that? No more? You’ll do what ever I say? Hehe, all right then, but why stop at just the panties? I’m going to dress you up in the whole ensemble – panties, bra, garter belt, stockings, and then the REAL fun will begin, starting with a few pics to mark the occasion … Mommy Gina 1-888-430-2010
July 23, 2009

Cupcakes & Milk

Mommy Lauren made some really extra special cupcakes just for you abie !!  Come over to see Lauren you know I will feed you and of course all the sweet, fresh milk you want.  *giggles*  You know my milk is always ready and just the perfect temperature for you darling.  I so know you luv to nurse me.  come over abie …i’m waiting. ~muahhhh~ Lauren
July 20, 2009

My Love For Ava,

I have always been a diapered boy, but I never had the courage to tell about my love for diapers and its affect on me. My mother put in diapers because she always new it would help supplement my need for them as well. Since birth I was born with a condition called Cerebral Palsy; a condition affecting the neural transmission of messages from the brain the muscles. As a result of this, my bladder and bowels were affected. i can get to the bathroom- but not without struggle. 70% of the time I wouldn’t make it in time, thus ruining my clothes and my pride. My knew this and sought to put an end to my misery. One day she came home diapers and supplies in hand, unclothed me, gave me a bath, dried […]