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August 2, 2021
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Diaper Sex Rex Sent Step-Mommy Tawny A Text For Phone Sex

I was on the absolutely Phoneamommy website and I clicked into the menu tab for the chat room. When I entered I was chatting with other mommies and babies and having a great time in the main chat room. Out of the blue, and totally unexpected, my step son Rex popped in and saw my profile logged on the main chat and PMed me to ask if I wanted to have hot and dirty diaper sex with him.  I was quite surprised because we always flirted with each other but we had not taken it further before – at least until today. He is such a prankster that I thought that he was kidding around, but he told me that he was serious. He set up everything with the friendly dispatcher at Phoneamommy and we […]
July 26, 2021
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Paris – The Naughty, Hot And Slutty DDLG

Paris is a ddlg who loves to be naughty. Her daddy will tell her to do a specific thing and just to be disobedient she will not listen to him and do the opposite of what he said. She was told from her Daddy that she should not enjoy her punishments and that is when she asked him how he knew that she was enjoying her punishments.  That is when he told her that her pussy was leaking a ton of juices on his leg and she would giggle after he said that.  She was a natural born masochist and an abdl and spankings were what she loved the most.  Getting naked for Daddy and doing kinky things is what she felt she was meant to do. Her Daddy knew that she was such a […]
July 26, 2021
Pretty Teen Girl Wearing the white diaper

Lovely Lorraine Loves Licking Lubricated Genitals

Lovely Lorraine is a submissive adult baby diaper lover who loves to have a lot of fun.  One of the things that is on the top of abdl Lorraine’s list is licking lubricated genitals. This is more than a hobby for her – she needs to suck on lubricated genitals to live.  She started off loving to lick on lubricated genitals early when she was in high school at the age of 18 years old. Directly after high school when she picked up a boyfriend that also attended her school.  This was her first experience with a boyfriend and he opened her up sexually to a lot of things. He in essence became her teenage dominant and she because his little girl – which is also known as a ddlg. He had her do things […]
July 19, 2021
A Boy wearing the baby adult diaper

Justin Loves To Age Regress, Though He Was Forced The First Time

Justin loves to age regress because he knows that he functions best when he is a baby. When he relaxes best he will dress up in a diaper and plastic pants and complete it all with a onesie. Abdl age regression is Justin’s version of a spa treatment. Nothing sounds better than the goo-goo and the gaa- gaa sounds that he makes and he finds so much comfort in it. It was not all this easy for Justin as he fought this way of life until he had to succumb to the fact that he just does not qualify as a man because his penis is simply so small and minute. I have always said to him that baby could belong in diapers and that is exactly what he has. He once tried to fight […]
July 19, 2021
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Tawny’s Age Regressed Anna Belle

She is a Global Data Privacy Officer and she manages a large international and domestic staff. She flies to a different country every other week and whenever there are issues that need to be resolved regarding breaches and data privacy, she is the person that is responsible for the firm.  She is known as the bitch at work because she is aggressive, rude and rarely ever smiles. Her masculine energy is what she dresses herself in everyday and she is feared as she is the most intimidating person in the company.  But… when she comes to me, all of that shit that is done at her corporate job goes out of the window.  She needs her weekly dose of age regression in order for her to have that balance that she needs.  I know she […]
July 17, 2021
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Aunt Brenda Makes Arnold Eat His Scat Pie For Dinner

      My ABDL Arnold went shopping earlier this afternoon with all intention of making himself a delicious and fragrant plain chocolate sponge cake.  He was very excited as it had been a while that he baked a delicious cake for himself.  He has his culinary degree and enjoyed baking when the time afforded him to.  So, as he had time today to bake he decided to give me a call at Phone A Mommy to let me know what his plans were for the day. So when he called me for his usual weekend abdl roleplay session and he told me what he was up to, I decided that I was going to add my own very special twist to it.  He was so pleased to fill me in on his cake that […]
July 12, 2021
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Tawny’s Smelly Shitty Slut Sheena

My smelly shitty slut Sheena knows that all she is allowed to have is shit and piss to wash it down.  She gained weight a few months ago and it is because she decided that she was going to start emotionally eating a bunch of pies, cakes and brownies. She was going through an episode where she was down in the dumps because she lost a job in the pandemic.  She was a waitress and when her restaurant closed and terminated her, reality hit that she was unemployed.  She tried for weeks, which then turned into months to find something in her waitressing field but to no avail – she remained unemployed and miserable. She felt worthless, useless and pathetic – she really felt that since she was treated like shit and felt like shit […]
July 10, 2021
Teen Girl wearing the Pretty Gowns

Naila – Aunt Brenda’s Sissy Girl

Naila loves to call me on the adult phone entertainment line and and when she does we have the absolute best time.  She always wanted to dress up when she was younger but it was not always met with approval from her father; who was both a man’s man and and strict disciplinarian. Still, she acknowledges that she was born a boy and she never felt that was who she was so she decided that she was going to be Naila in secret and she held it inside of her for years.  She shared with me that she wanted to be able to express herself when she was younger but the place and the space just did not allow it.  But when she calls me, Aunt Brenda – her phone sex milf she loves to […]
July 5, 2021
Screenshot 2021 07 18 193551

Here Cums Dommy Scarlet’s Sissy Bride – All Dressed In White!

Kingsley wanted today to be special and I told him if he listened well to me ad adhered to my wishes that I may just go ahead and grant him that very special wish.  He likes to be called Keenah when he is all dressed up like a sissy and he prefers the pronouns she/her.  So today, I decided that my son and I will not just do the usual incest phone sex roleplay – because he was good and behaved himself all week – this phone sex milf will not only be feminizing him with a different kind of feminization phone sex, but today he will be all dolled up as a sissy girl to marry, Mommy! He did not know it as yet but I had all of the necessary items delivered to […]