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February 17, 2018
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The Secret In His Pants!

I have a very fun story about one of my favorite ABDL’s. My sweet ABDL thinks that in his everyday life he is a man. He even thinks he has control over his day. So sometimes I have to remind him just how much of a pussy ABDL baby he is. So I order him to put on his biggest thickest baby diaper plus a plastic cover so that it is nice and noisy when he walks. And I make him go about his day running around doing his daily chores. I make him call me so I can hear exactly how he feels knowing that people can see his big bulging diaper underneath his big boy pants. He has to walk in stores and restaurants making noises and waddling around in the way that […]
February 10, 2018
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Adult Diapered At Super Bowl Role Play Fantasy Part 1

I was sitting at home when I had the most awesome Role play come into my mind! I wanted to get my cute adult baby dressed in a cute eagles outfit with 3 big poofy adult diapers and then we would go to the super bowl and watched as the grown ups got to drink beer and the manly men  was getting in to the football game while you had to sit or stand next to mommy drinking juice out of a baby bottle and wearing nice thick pampers! Or could you imagine having a poopy diaper and as I was taking you to get changed we happen to walk by one of the cheerleaders and she smelled that diaper! I bet you’re face would just blush wouldn’t it!  Maybe with you’re stinky diaper we […]
February 10, 2018
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Disobeying Mommy

As we all know I love all of my little ABDL Sissy baby’s. But every once in a while my lil sissy baby decide to misbehave. This is about one of those sessions. On this perticualar day Mommy’s Tawny’s lil sissy pussy baby decided to be very very bad and take off his diaper when he need to go potty! Only big boys go potty in the big potty. So for me this is a huge No No! Taking off your diaper is not allowed until mommy decides to take it off.  If mommy Tawny is being honesty sometimes I enjoy punishing my lil ABDL baby’s. I Love Paddling!!! Seeing their cheeks all pink and rosy after I paddle their lil bottoms. It makes me so excited. This time I paddled my lil ABDL till his cheeks were nice and red. Then I put that diaper back on him and took some duct tape and wrapped it round and round so he couldn’t take it off. It looked so funny I couldn’t help but laugh right in his face knowing his lil Pee Pee was trapped in the diaper until I was […]
January 28, 2018
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Breastfeeding Trip

It’s time to take a little trip with mommy again. A little grocery shopping and running some errands. You have to make sure you behave like a good little sissy baby on our trip or I will have to put you over my knee. But Mommy Tawny knows that you will behave because you have been very sweet all day today. But before we head out shopping your sexy MILF has to have her morning coffee! So, I’m stopping at my favorite coffee shop to have my morning cappuccino. And since you have been such a good little baby today mommy is going to give you a treat while she treats herself. Mommy Tawny is going to pull out her huge milk filled breasts and place her pink nipple in her sweet Diaper Babies mouth so you can drink your fill while she has her morning caffeine. All the grown men in the coffee shop that are heading to their […]
January 23, 2018
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January 21, 2018
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Diaper Domination With Mommy Tawny

Well aren‘t you such a naughty little adult baby. You peeked in on Mommy while she was changing her silky red panties. I know I’m a MILF and it’s hard not to peek but you‘re were supposed to be a good little angel and play quietly in your play room while Mommy changed her cloths. But noooo…. you snuck in quiet as a little mouse and peeked through the crack in the door. Now mommy has no choice but to show you just how naughty a little baby you are by pulling down your diaper and spanking your little bottom. Naughty ABDL’s must be punished and you have been such a naughty little baby.  Now give Mommy a call so she can bend you over knee and spank your little bottom till it is red and sore. Phone a Mommy Tawny cannot except naughty nasty behaviors from her sweet little baby, now can she?!! So, Mommy has to make sure you learn your lesson very well! I bet the next time you won‘t be so quick to peek in on Mommy and be naughty little diaper baby. Call me for some […]
January 14, 2018

Ava’s ABDL Video

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September 2, 2017
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Stinky ABDL Boy!

Oh no what’s that smell! I think an adult baby phone sex session is about to unfold because I smell a dirty diaper! Where are you my adult baby? Are you under the table? Nope I don’t see you there! Maybe you’re hiding behind the couch? Nope I don’t see you there either! Where are you my adult baby? You can’t stay hiding for long Mommy needs to change you before you get a diaper rash. You’re stinking up mommy’s whole house and I will not have that! All I need to do is focus and follow the smell! I think I’m getting closer it’s becoming a lot stronger! It’s leading me towards your nursery! There you are! Aww you’re all snuggled up against your big teddy on the floor. Mommy hates to wake you from your […]
August 31, 2017
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Look At That Poofy Adult Diaper

Oh my look how very full that adult diaper is. I be you want me to change you into a nice fresh one don’t you? Oh I bet you do! How ever you have been a really naughty Adult baby and I don’t think you have earned a diaper change just yet, do you? What? Did you just mouth your mommy? Come Here right now, get down on your knees and suck on your dummie, That’s right you lost all walking privileges. Aww What’s wrong? Hm? Did you really think that I was just going to allow your rude wittle back talk? And I am far from done with your little attitude! Crawl over to that corner right now and face it until I tell you can get out! Don’t cry, if you wasn’t a […]