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December 26, 2020
Boy wearing the baby adult wet diaper

Sexy MILF Tawny Tickles Tim

One of the things that I love to do is to tickle my diaper lover Tim when I change his soiled diapers.  He knows that when he pees at night and I wake up in the morning I will always check his diaper to see what is inside. This morning,  I decided to lay him out on his abdl crib on a diaper cover and decide to take off his soiled diapers.  I covered my nose in a playful way and told him that he is a little stinky baby. He smiled and made baby sounds when I took my fingers and proceeded to tickle him.  I told him that his bottom and penis are dirty and soaked then I took the wipes and cleaned him off.  While I cleaned him off with one hand […]
December 15, 2020
Mommy's Putting diaper On Her Adult Girl

Santa’s Lap

  Ooohh it’s that time of year again, where Santa brings all little boys and girls presents for being “mostly” good all year long for mommy.  Mommy gets her little ones all dressed up to go to the mall so we can visit Santa, and you will get a turn to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you would like for Christmas.  Mommy gets you all dressed up in your cutest little holiday outfits, and don’t forget your Christmas lists to give Santa. Brrrr it’s cold out, as mommy slides your jackets over your little hands and up your arms, making sure you are all snug and cozy, as mommy slides a Christmas beanie over your little heads…ahhh how cute, you guys look like little elves ready for Santa.  Santa just loves hearing […]
November 22, 2020
Caned for Pleasure Spanking and Flogging of immobilized ass

It’s Spanksgiving – So Bend Over Bitch!

It’s Spanksgiving, so bend over bitch! What did you think was going to happen today when you saw all of the trimmings and the food in the kitchen?  Did you falsely assume that it was going to be a typical traditional and conventional holiday? Not at Dommy Mommy Scarlet’s house.   Now that I have you bent over the couch, naked I want you to arch your back so that your bottom sticks up in direct view of me so that I can reach over and spank your bottom with the first lash to shock it into submission. I felt your soft and tender bottom meat jiggle under the lash of my bare hand and I knew that this was only the beginning and that much more of it will be on the way. Now that […]
November 16, 2020
Old innocent guy wearing the baby frock and diaper

Then Abusing Baby Sitter

        Hi I’m Jenna your favorite baby sitter. I just love baby sitting big sissy boys. I know you will love and enjoy my little day care. You may ask Cousin Jenna, do you punish your babies? Yes! Yes I do I absolutely love and enjoy punishing and abusing a little sissy poopy baby like you! Diaper changes come with an automatic punishment, so you better be a good baby. Look at that big diaper bulging in your pants, it’s time enough your big ass gets potty trained. Now stay here while I fix myself something to eat and don’t you fucking move from here, stay here and play with your toys, don’t fucking move you little shit! If you even thing about moving from here I promise you I will make […]
October 11, 2020
Pink and White Sissy Baby Cute Dress

Denise’s Punishment

Dennis, your clitty cock serves no useful purpose at all.  All that it is good for is to remain dormant and dead and it should therefore be confined to a diaper, frilly panties and little girl dresses.  I will now transform you into my abdl sissy baby and I will no longer refer to you as Dennis and your new name shall now be Denise and you are to refer to me as Dommy Mommy Scarlet at all times as I am now your abdl mommy. Now lay on the bed naked and spread open your legs. Your balls are too hairy and a true abdl baby girl does not have any hair on her clitty cock.  I will take this tweezer to make sure that I get all of the unneccessary hairs out. Before […]
October 1, 2020
Adult Baby Diaper wearing the hot baby diaper

Silly Baby Got Caught!

Awareness came slowly to Ronnie, sunlight glancing through his eyelids as he rolled over on his back to find that sweet spot that would let him go back to sleep. His skin encountering a cold, wet spot ruined that, though, and he jerked up in panic. He peed himself in his sleep again! In a flurry of motion he snatched his sheets off the bed, threw them into the washing machine, exchanged the puppy training pad he’d started laying on top of the mattress for a clean one, and got himself cleaned up and dressed. He was heading for the bathroom, quiet as possible when Aunt Brenda stepped out of her room, and even though he was sure she didn’t know anything, he still froze for a second. He figured she would say something about […]
September 26, 2020
Father putting Diaper On his small boy

Diaper Changing Stepmom Teaches Daddy About ABDLs

I will never forget the first time I met your daddy. He was so handsome and suave, he just swept me right off of my feet and caught me completely off guard the moment he opened his mouth to speak to me. It was really something, that feeling of excitement and even anxiety knowing that you just so happened to have gotten lucky enough to stumble upon someone that you instantly realize that you want to get to know. We had plenty of fun going out on dates, and he wasted no time telling me about you! He lights up with a huge smile whenever he talks about you, and I knew that you meant the world to him. I was so excited to get the chance to meet you. He invited me over for […]
September 22, 2020
Naked Men Showing With his Small Penis

Tiny Tommy and His Clitty Cock

My diaper lover Tommy had no idea what I had in store for him.  I drove him to a parking lot near the house and without warning he saw his ex-girlfriend walk over to the car and I unlocked the passenger seat for her to sit.  She smiled as she knew what we already discussed prior, but Tommy was so shocked and puzzled why his ex-girlfriend Justine was in the car.  He said hello to her and she waved back, smiling with anticipation.  I then told Tommy who sat in the back seat to disrobe completely.  Hesitantly he did but he followed my instructions and stripped down to his undies.  I then told him to take off the undies as well because he is going to be diapered in front of Justine.  As he pulled […]
September 20, 2020
Hottest adult Boy Wearing the adult White diaper

Roger’s Public Humiliation At The Dorm

  I spent a shit load of money for Roger’s education.  As my only son I of course want nothing but the best for him.  He was a stellar student until I started getting vague responses from him regarding his grades. I then decided to call the school and I was told that grades are confidential and cannot be shared with anyone.  So I hired a hacker who was able to give me the grades that I requested and to my dismay, Roger was failing all of his classes. In addition to failing all of his classes, his roommate filed a complain with dorm room housing that Roger is a chronic bed wetter and he never changes his sheets, so the dorm room that they both shared smelled like a fish market. Once I found […]