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January 9, 2021
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A Little Tawny “Medicine” Always Does The Trick

My ABDL boy is not feeling well and he is so miserable and sad.  He has been running a fever all night and he has been sweating all through the night.  I need to take care of my baby, he needs my nurturing and sweet love.  There is no sweeter love than the love of Mommy Tawny. I decided to take him into the shower with me so he could be washed clean in a cool shower to have his body be cooled down.  As I turned on the shower it splashed on both of our bodies and I lathered his back up, his arms, his stomach and his genitals.  I told myself that it is best to take my time on his penis and his balls so I rubbed the soap suds into it […]
December 26, 2020
Boy wearing the baby adult wet diaper

Sexy MILF Tawny Tickles Tim

One of the things that I love to do is to tickle my diaper lover Tim when I change his soiled diapers.  He knows that when he pees at night and I wake up in the morning I will always check his diaper to see what is inside. This morning,  I decided to lay him out on his abdl crib on a diaper cover and decide to take off his soiled diapers.  I covered my nose in a playful way and told him that he is a little stinky baby. He smiled and made baby sounds when I took my fingers and proceeded to tickle him.  I told him that his bottom and penis are dirty and soaked then I took the wipes and cleaned him off.  While I cleaned him off with one hand […]
December 25, 2020
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Aunt Brenda’s ABDL’s Talented Tongue

I just concluded my well deserved hot bath where I soaked and caressed my body with warm suds.  Now that I am in my bedroom wrapped around with my soft white and fluffy bath sheet, I need for my sweet adult baby to join me to dry me off.  I call him to my bedroom and when he arrived I purposely dropped my towel and made it fall to the floor. He stood there watching me in both shock and amazement and I told him to come closer.  He slowly walked towards me and I told him to finish drying me off with his tongue. I pulled his face closer to my breast and told him to open his mouth and to suck the droplets of water from my areola.  He used the tip of […]
November 22, 2020
forced age regression phone sex hot milf stepmommy fetish taboo

Dominant Stepmommy Forced Age Regression

If there is one thing that this dominant step mommy just can’t stand, it is a disobedient little one who simply refuses to listen and learn my rules and instructions. I do not ever believe that any of the little ones that I meet are a lost cause, but there are plenty of them who choose to play that role, and that is usually when they end up getting brought into my care by their desperate ex care givers. However, there is a whole different basis of care that the other side of my little ones need… This is when forced age regression comes in to play. I get so many desperate care givers on my door step with a little one in tow and they are beside themselves on what to do to get […]
November 22, 2020
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It’s Spanksgiving – So Bend Over Bitch!

It’s Spanksgiving, so bend over bitch! What did you think was going to happen today when you saw all of the trimmings and the food in the kitchen?  Did you falsely assume that it was going to be a typical traditional and conventional holiday? Not at Dommy Mommy Scarlet’s house.   Now that I have you bent over the couch, naked I want you to arch your back so that your bottom sticks up in direct view of me so that I can reach over and spank your bottom with the first lash to shock it into submission. I felt your soft and tender bottom meat jiggle under the lash of my bare hand and I knew that this was only the beginning and that much more of it will be on the way. Now that […]
November 15, 2020
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Chasing After Chase

Without his permission, I kidnapped and blindfolded my neighbor Chase and made him into my adult baby. I was able to invite him over for tea which sedated him enough and it afforded me to drag him to my garage in order for me to tie him up  to the inside of my truck, then I drove him all the way from the busy city into the remote countryside.  Upon arrival, I decided to untie him and I gave him a head start to run away and try to find safety and I told him if I found him that he would be bound and tortured.  So I took out a racing gun with blanks that is used for marathon races and shot it into the air,  then I counted down from 50 all the […]
August 16, 2020
Girl Playing with the baby colorful moving animal

Turned Into A Baby By Your New Neighbor! (part 1)

Ben slowly woke up, something slowly wiggling into his head that things didn’t feel quite right. He started to stretch out, but his arms and legs felt sluggish and unresponsive. That’s when he heard someone giggling right over top of him and his opened his eyes to see new neighbor Tawny leaning over… a crib? He looked around and saw that was exactly what he was in, a baby’s crib. He went to go sit up, and still couldn’t get his body to do what he wanted, but his arms shot out while he was straining and he was beyond shocked to see the short smooth arms of a baby instead of his own hairy ones! He looked at Tawny to ask her what the hell was happening but all that came out was baby […]
June 28, 2020
abdl age regression adult baby

Age Regressed By His Neighbor!

George looked up at all the pretty Mommies that were leaning over his new crib, and though he tried to hold it in, he started crying, loud sobs just like a baby. It felt like his emotions were too big for the little body he was in now! He couldn’t talk, couldn’t tell any of the ladies that he wasn’t really a baby, that his new neighbor had done something to him, age regressed him somehow! He had come over to introduce himself, she sat him down and gave him some sweet tea, then he got sleepy… and he woke up like this, in a baby’s body in a baby’s nursery in a wet diaper.  Brenda was nudging him awake, telling him to smile for her friends, all of them mothers that he recognized from […]
April 19, 2020
adult baby abdl abdl diaper

Thick Abdl Diapers Are The Best!

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