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January 1, 2023
cum dripping from handjob

Daddy Uses His Dick for Discipline! (Part 1)

Richard was finishing his second cup of coffee in front of the morning news when his 27-year-old daughter, Amanda, came down the stairs wearing a black tube top and her diapers from the night before. She was barefoot, her strides provocative. Once she emerged into the expansive living room, Richard downed the dregs of his mug to mask his disappointment. He’d been hoping to slip out before she would wake. “Daddy?” Amanda called, her voice hoarse from sleep. “Yes, honey,” he answered, setting the mug down. “I pooped myself. You’re going to have to clean me up.” “Jesus, again?” “Yes.  “It’s probably the leftover pizza you let me eat at 3 o’clock last night, so I guess it’s partly your fault.” “I’m sorry, honey, but you’ll have to take care of this yourself. You caught […]
January 1, 2023

Amanda Gets Her Daddy’s Cock! (Part 1)

                                                                                                                        Amanda’s green elf costume This was a little too small and inappropriately snug around her lithe frame. The bustier-style bodice was low, encasing her bosom so tightly that the tops of her breasts were spilling over the hem. The skirt was short and flared, with a white fur trim. When she stood still, the folds overlapped, so it looked like a decent-enough skirt. When she walked or bent over, however, the material shifted and swayed, […]
October 9, 2022

Fuck Me, Daddy!

  Fuck Me, Daddy!: Please, Daddy, I’ll be a good girl for you. I love to get on my knees and suck your cock, getting it nice and wet with my spit and slobber as you choke on that big dick. It’s so thick that it makes me gag and choke as you fuck my face and throat. I just love it, Daddy! I just love when you get out the handcuffs and toys; my little pussy gets so excited and soaked just from the thought of what you will do to me. And I will do anything Daddy wants with no hesitation on my part, or else Daddy gets to punish me. Yes, Daddy is my answer to all of Daddy’s commands. And if I’m a really good girl and do as I’m told, […]
September 25, 2022

Cum Play with Me

    Cum Play with Me: My little pussy needs to be touched and played with so badly. I just can’t seem to satisfy it enough with my fingers alone. I need daddy to come fuck me; please, daddy, please. I want to be daddy’s good little diaper girl. When I’m sitting and playing in my abdl nursery, I get the naughty urges to touch myself. It feels so good, but it would feel so much better if Daddy was the one touching me. I love when he uses his big, hard dick to penetrate me. I love it in my mouth, my pussycat, and my tight little ass. I love to get on my knees and sucke and lick my daddy’s cock. The taste and smell make my puss even wetter. I slobber and […]
September 11, 2022

When Daddy Plays with My Friend

  When Daddy Plays with My Friend: Sometimes I have a special friend come over to play. And sometimes Daddy will play with both of us. I just love watching my father play with my friend. She is different than me and has a peephole like Daddy. But Daddy doesn’t mind that at all and shows her the same treatment he shows me. Daddy likes to strip her of her clothes except her thigh-highs. Then he makes her lay on her belly, and I watch as he tells her to spread herself open for Daddy. Daddy’s cock is so hard and is already starting to drip when he slides it into her tight little hole. She squeals every time, and I get goosebumps, and my pus starts to leak. Watching daddy fuck my friend is […]
September 11, 2022

Daddy’s Good Girl

    I just love being daddy’s special little girl.  When I’m a good girl, daddy gives me a very special treat.  He always knows how to make me feel so good.  Being daddy’s diaper girl means I get lots of special attention.  Sometimes daddy gets so excited, he just pulls my diaper to the side and puts his big hard cock inside my little wet pussy. When daddy does that, I just can’t help myself and I let out a low moan and then squirt all over him and my diaper.  Daddy laughs when I do that and then he starts fucking me hard and fast.  I love when daddy uses me for his needs.  I would do anything for daddy. Daddy is the best and he makes me feel so good.  And if […]
June 19, 2022

Summer Time Love Fest

  Summer Time Love Fest: Now that it’s finally gotten nice and warm outside, we can have all sorts of fun. Let’s invite all your friends over and have a summer love fest to start the season off right. Ddlgs, Abdls, and everyone else who wants to have a good time are all invited. Come one, come all! We will have a blast. running around in our diapers, playing in water, and tons of dancing It’s so warm out that we don’t need to wear much as we party hard. And there will be plenty of snacks and refreshments, not to mention loads of diapers. Diapers everywhere, for all of those squishy diaper changes. And there’s definitely no shortage of people ready to help change some saggy diapers. And once the excitement starts to die […]
June 12, 2022

Calling All Cuties

  Calling All Cuties: Mommy Candy is looking for some cute little ones to play with. There’s lots of fun stuff we can do to each other and together. With Abdl, mommy has tons of diapers, baby wipes, powder, and cute little outfits to dress you in. Mommy will make you her sweet little diaper baby. For those DDLG (daddy girls), as much fun as daddy can be, sometimes you just need a girl’s day. And that’s what Mommy is here for. We can go shopping and talk about Daddy the whole time. Giggle as we share secrets about how naughty Daddy can be. At phone a mommy, all fetishes are welcome. Nothing is off limits or considered taboo when it comes to fantasy fun. If you can think it, then mommy will make it […]
April 24, 2022

Mommy Knows Best

Mommy Knows Best: Mommy Candy knows exactly what you need, and remember, mommy knows best. Mommy will make you her sweet ABD and take very good care of you. You will do as Mommy asks, and you will be a good little one for Mommy. Mommy wouldn’t do anything to you that you didn’t want or like. Just lay back and let mommy do it all. Mommy will strip you and clean you up. Then mommy will rub you all over with lotion. Making that baby’s body all smooth and soft Mommy just loves sliding her hands all over your body, rubbing and squeezing her way down your trembling body. And when mommy has to run out, daddy will take over. All good babies and DDLGs love to please Daddy. It makes Mommy smile to […]